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My Big Spanking

Even though I have to admit that SpankBoss gave a fairly accurate account of this event, I still want to tell my side of the story.

First of all, I’m not ashamed to say that I really was in need of a good spanking. It’d been a stressful time and I was getting grumpy and feeling out of sorts. When I start feeling this way, I tend to get over-sensitive, weepy, and a little uncommunicative. It didn’t help that SB was feeling stressed as well and he let it show a time or two, which made me feel even worse than before. It was a vicious cycle and the fastest way to end it would have been a good spanking. We’d both get some serious stress relief and be able to fall back into our usual routines again but that just wasn’t possible right then. What was really making me crazy was that he was repeatedly promising me spankings that we both knew he couldn’t deliver anytime soon. The promises worked to calm me down for a short period of time but all too quickly I’d fall back into moodiness again. I was ready to climb the walls in frustration. Believe me, it wasn’t pretty.

Finally the day came that we’d both been waiting for — freedom from relatives and the place to ourselves again! Yay! We started the evening relaxing and settling back into our old routines again. The tension was already easing because I knew what was coming and I was looking forward to what he had promised as my hardest spanking yet.

That may sound a little crazy — looking forward to a hard spanking? But I’d been waiting for this and I knew I needed it to be extra hard in order to get myself back in order. A good spanking can definitely be therapeutic for me and I don’t ever want to be back in the position of not having anyone around who cares enough for me to realize this. Luckily SpankBoss loves me and knows exactly what I need — sometimes even more than I do. I had the feeling this was going to be one of those times and I was looking forward to experiencing this with him yet again.

Being the playful guy that he is, SB started with what he calls “spankmercials” which means every time the TV show we were watching broke for a commercial, he’d pull me over his lap and give me a quick hand spanking. I have no idea what we were watching because I was too distracted by the spreading warmth of my bottom and the yearning inside me that was growing by the second.

I think he knew exactly what he was doing by teasing me and making me wait until the appointed hour. I was beginning to wonder if the stupid show would ever be over and my real spanking would finally begin. By the time he declared the show over and snapped off the TV, I was more than ready — I was on the verge of exploding!

SpankBoss ordered me to strip and kneel on the bed while he got the necessary toys out. I immediately did as I was told and by the time he was ready, I was in place wagging my bottom at him in anticipation.

Here is where we come to a difference of opinion about the implements. He says he started out by “softening” up my bottom with the bath brush. That was no softening up because there’s nothing soft in any way whatsoever about that brush! They weren’t full swinging swats but they were most definitely attention getting. He started out with stingy spanks but worked up to butt burning ones very quickly.

SB also likes to make sure he covers a lot of area so it wasn’t long before I felt like my whole but was on fire. Yeah, I was bouncing around and yelping. There’s nothing quite like a bath brush spanking to get your bottom moving, I can promise you that! Despite the fire moving across my bottom, or rather because of it, I was feeling a deeper and more aching warmth between my legs. I wasn’t sure how much of that bath brush I could take but then again, I didn’t want him to stop.

That’s when he decides to pull out the “bunny paddle” which isn’t as innocent as it sounds. The fur on the fun side is nice and soft but the business side is wide and the wood is thin so it normally just delivers a nice sting, normally. That’s when it isn’t used after getting “softened” up by that nasty, evil bath brush. SB didn’t hold back a bit and was spanking me fast and furiously with that paddle and my poor backside just couldn’t take any more wood. That’s why when he asked if I wanted to change implements I was more than willing.

Oh and for the record, I really did have to go to the bathroom at that moment. The ten strokes from the riding crop stung but didn’t burn like the paddle had so I decided more leather was what I needed. I’m not sure what demon in my over-heated brain took over and suggested the heavy leather strap was a good idea. But that’s what I asked for, and boy oh boy, is that what I got.

From the first stroke of the strap, I let myself go and ride the waves of pain and pleasure. I forgot about everything and all the tension and moodiness I’d been experiencing and trying to suppress finally got to bubble up to the surface. SB helped that feeling along as he swung the strap to remind me of my misdeeds.

I knew something serious was building up but it wasn’t until SB switched back to the bath brush that I was finally able to release it in a flood of tears that surprised me. It was the first time I’d cried during a spanking by him. It wasn’t that I was being punished or pushed beyond my limits, I was crying because I just needed to cry. That’s how it is sometimes with me.

I needed a release and he was giving me that. That spanking was exactly what I needed and wanted so when he stopped to cuddle and soothe me, it made me feel so loved and thankful for this man of mine, that I was able to smile through my tears and settle down. Of course, the promise of the flogger helped, too.

Once I got back into position on the bed, SB began using the flogger. Because my bottom was already tender, it felt incredibly stingy but not too heavy. It immediately put me back into the highly aroused state I’d been in before I’d been taken over by my emotions. I was feeling very much my old self and was happy to make promises to be good and mindful and pretty much anything else my sweetie could desire.

He was swinging that flogger with authority and as much as I wanted to move on to some serious lovemaking, I was really enjoying the intensity of the sting on my throbbing bottom. Not that it matters because it’s up to SB to decide when a spanking is over. When he’d reddened my bottom to his satisfaction, he announced that he was ready to finish my spanking up and that he intended to use the bath brush for the finale.

Huh? The flogger was one thing but that darn bath brush is a completely different thing. If I hadn’t been so aroused and ready for some relief, I might have argued. Besides, I figured as hard as he had spanked me, surely I was a little numb. Yeah, right! I got to find out no matter how warmed up my bottom is, that awful brush hurts like the devil every time. I also think SB gave me four of the hardest swats he could manage.

I didn’t get a chance to complain though because he immediately flipped me over onto my burning backside and began taking me to an amazing climax. There’s nothing that compares with raw animal sex when you have an incredibly tender bottom to heighten the experience.

Yeah, it was a big spanking all right but you won’t be hearing me complain. In fact, I could use one of those fairly regularly. Wow! Did I really say that? *grin*

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Spanking New Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to have my very own blog that I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Bethie and I’m a spanko woman who is in love with a spanko man by the name of SpankBoss. For those of you who already know us from Spanking Blog this isn’t exactly a news flash. Readers of that site already know from our posts that I love a good spanking and SpankBoss loves spanking me. In fact, I’ve had so much fun contributing to his blog that we decided I needed one of my own to play with.

Here, I plan to write about our spanking fun as well as some of the more romantic and serious sides of being in a relationship like ours. While spanking is a large part of our life together, there’s more to it than just fun and games. (Not to mention the fact that we have a few more kinks besides spanking. ) There are many aspects to being in this type of relationship and I’m looking forward to exploring those here through my writing and any discussions that might come about. I also plan to post some of my fiction here later.

For now, I want to get working on a post I had been planning forSpanking Blog but then decided to save for when I started this blog. It’s my side of that Big Spanking. Believe me when I tell you it really was a big spanking! Not that I’m complaining…but I’ll tell all soon enough.

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