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Football Spanking

I love football and this weekend my favorite team is playing an important game. This means a gathering of friends, lots of food, and a loud but very good time…I hope! I’ll be rooting for my team as loud as anyone. Maybe even louder because I have a lot riding on this game.

You see, Dan has come up with a way to make the games more enjoyable for him. At the beginning of the season, he didn’t have much interest in watching my team play but he was watching along with me anyway. That’s when he came up with the perfect solution to making these games more interesting for him.

For every point that the opposing team makes, I get one swat with the implement of his choice. I’m not sure what his choice is for this game but I’m very interested. Last week it was one of my least favorite implements so I was very vocal when I was cheering for our defense.

If he chooses one of the new canes that just arrived this week, I’m going to be screaming at the television like a maniac if the other team starts scoring much. It might even look odd if it looks like we’ve got the win but I’m still yelling for our team to shut them down. If they only knew! LOL

The upside is, if the other team gets very many points, I’ll have something to blog about. Wish me and my team luck!

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