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I Got My Football Spanking!

It turned out to be a great weekend. My team won its football game, I got my spanking, and we had some much needed hot sex. In fact, I was almost disappointed the opposing team didn’t score more points than they did…almost.

Like I reported in my earlier post, Dan gives me a swat for every point the opposing team scores to make things a little more interesting for both of us. This time, he chose the big cane, which really got me interested. I’d never spanked with a cane before Dan bought these, so I’m curious and happy for any chance to try them out. Also, since this was going to be just a few strokes and completely for fun, I was looking forward to playing when the game was over.

I had one other reason for looking forward to some action. I’d had a cold most of last week and I was finally feeling better by the weekend. When I’m sick, Dan is especially protective and takes such wonderful care of me, that I feel even more cherished than usual. It makes being sick easier to deal with but it means no spanking or lovemaking until he deems me well enough. Well, once he started teasing me about my football spanking, I knew things were back to normal and I felt even better. I was ready to skip around singing, “I’m gonna get a spanking!” but I thought that might be a smidge over the top even for me.

In fact, I was looking forward to it so much, I almost cheered when the other team scored. Now that would’ve been scary! I’d have had to blame it on the beer I was drinking, I guess.

Dan must have been as anxious as I was to play, because as soon as we got to the bedroom, he sat down, got the CB paddle out, and pulled me over his knee. I went along happily and was soon enjoying a nice stingy spanking from my love. He spanked my entire bottom alternating between hard spanks and light spanks as he warmed me up for what he was calling “my real spanking” with the cane.

Occasionally he’d give me a flurry of really stingy ones that would make me squeal, and then ask me if I was ready for the cane yet. I was enjoying the paddle spanking and still a little nervous about the cane, so it took a while for me to give in and say I was ready. Normally, he’d never let me decide something like that, but I think he was still being considerate because I’d been sick.

Once we agreed it was time, Dan got the cane and directed me into position on the bed. I’ve always been such a spanko that almost every implement fascinates me. I practically salivate when I see a good spanking toy. Okay, maybe salivate isn’t the right word…but there is some dampness involved. *wink*

I’m no different with the cane. I’d heard good and bad things about the cane over time. The reason I wanted to even try it was because so many other subs had said they liked the cane that I figured it must be like a lot of other intense implements; it depended on how hard you like your spankings and if the spanker knew how to use it.

Since I like my spankings intense and I trust Dan’s expertise, I’ve been looking forward to trying these canes out. No matter how crazy that may sound to some, there I was with my butt in the air willing and waiting.

Dan swished the cane around in the air a few times getting me even more excited before lightly tapping the end of the cane on my bottom as he lined it up. I took a deep breath and held it as I waited for the first one to land. I heard the cane swish and then I felt a quick sting followed by a burning sensation across my bottom. I gasped and wiggled my butt trying to shake it off.

Then I felt Dan’s hand on my lower back and I settled down. Dan rubbed my back and asked if I was okay. When I assured him that I was, he continued. Every stroke was a little harder than the last and I tried to relax and let myself just experience the feeling of the strokes. The last one was the hardest by far and I fell forward kicking and squealing.

Dan settled in next to me to admire his work and cuddle me. Soon we were kissing and even though he asked me more than once if I was sure I was up to it, we quickly moved on to better things. It was really good, too! Mmmm it made up for a week of feeling icky that’s for sure! I just wish football season wasn’t almost over.

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