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I’m A Greedy Lil’ Spanko!

I know I said I’d post about the Valentine Spanking, but for one reason or another I kept getting sidetracked. I think maybe I didn’t want to really think about it. You see, I sort of lost my spanko mind. I guess it’d be easier just to tell the story than try to figure it out.

We’d had a wonderful day. We had an intimate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, spent a relaxing afternoon together, and then enjoyed a romantic dinner complete with our favorite wine.

When we exchanged presents after dinner, I was excited to find a new riding crop and paddle among my goodies. Dan’s so good at picking out exactly what I like that it amazes me. Everything from heart shaped earrings with my favorite gem to the Godiva liqueur I love was perfectly romantic. The riding crop and paddle fit right in as far as I was concerned and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

We’d decided to watch a spanking dvd after dinner, so while he went to set it up, I went off to put on something sweet. I’d decided on a frilly black lace baby doll nightie and black fishnets stockings with satin bows at the top.

When I joined Dan, he was suitably impressed with my outfit and we settled in to enjoy our movie. The movie was one he’d been sent so we weren’t sure what to expect, but this one was actually enjoyable. I was relieved because some of them just aren’t. I’m not saying it was great, but we had fun watching it and it helped set the mood.

As soon as the movie was over, Dan told me to get on my knees in the middle of the bed which I was quick to do seeing as I was ready for action. I stuck my bottom up in the air and wiggled it around in anticipation while he picked out a few toys.

I knew the new paddle and crop were going to be in the lineup and I hoped he’d think of the flogger and strap but I didn’t want to be too demanding so I waited quietly although not too patiently. My butt was tingling in anticipation so I waved it around some more just for fun.

Dan eventually turned his attention back to me, announcing he was going to start with my new paddle. It’s a small wooden paddle with some decorative engraving and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. It looked fairly harmless but then I thought that stupid Cracker Barrel paddle was just a kid’s toy. Yeah, right.

I quickly realized this paddle wasn’t as harmless as it looked either. It had a cute picture engraved on it so I guess that’s what fooled me. As it turned out, that paddle has some sting to it and after about a dozen swats I was feeling some burn.

That’s about the time Dan decided to switch implements and asked if I’d like some leather. I thought that sounded like a good idea so I agreed rather emphatically. I should’ve known better. Dan doesn’t make offers like that lightly.

I heard a swish-swish and looked over my shoulder to see Dan standing there grinning madly while he tested the swing of the new crop. This crop is standard length and has a long thin slapper on the end. Our other crop has a wider slapper which I’ve always liked so I was anxious to see how the new one felt.

Now I know just how much difference a little less leather can make. That long thin slapper stung like crazy when it landed. Dan started out lightly but after a few lighter swats he warned me he wanted to see what would happen if he really swung it. What happened was I yelped and jumped every time he landed one. Darn that thing stings something wonderful awful when he really swings it.

After a few of those, Dan stepped back to admire his work. He loves seeing marks especially when it’s a new toy and this one had left some serious impressions. I was even a little impressed by the marks but I wasn?t about to admit that just yet. I was hoping to move on to the flogger.

Luckily Dan was feeling generous and decided the flogger was a good idea, too. He’s really gotten good with that thing so in no time I was feeling very…um…happy. I guess it showed because he started teasing me about getting the tails of the flogger wet. What can I say? I *like* the flogger.

Okay, this is where I lost my mind, I was feeling so good. My bottom was warm and throbbing nicely and I just wanted more. When I start feeling like that, all I want is to be spanked harder and longer. I can’t seem to get enough.

So I did the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I asked for the cane…the big one.

I wanted to feel something more intense across my bottom and for some reason, the cane seemed like just the thing. Dan was more than happy to comply and went to get it while I readjusted myself on the bed trying to get my butt in the right position.

The first stroke landed on the fullest part of my bottom and it felt fantastic. The sting followed by the burn was just what my bottom was craving. I moaned and buried my face into the pillow.

Slowly, Dan landed strokes all over my bottom slowly increasing the intensity of his swing. Finally he landed one in the crease between my cheeks and thigh. That one made me yelp so he moved down to my thighs.

Now I was finally feeling like I’d had enough but Dan wasn’t quite done yet. He liked the reaction he’d gotten when he’d hit my crease so he did it again. That’s when I started complaining but he went ahead and gave me a few more good ones before stopping to admire his handiwork.

I yelped a little when he ran his fingers across the areas where he’d landed the hardest strokes but somehow I still liked the feeling. Something about that after burn gets me every time. It’s deliciously intense in a way that surprises me. I think I’d built the cane up in my mind to be the worst implement ever so it’s hard for me to accept the idea that I like its intensity.

I like it so much I asked for it. Eeek! I still can’t believe it. What was I thinking? Okay, I wasn’t thinking, I was feeling well-spanked and wanting more. I got greedy – plain and simple.

At the time I didn’t care though. I was enjoying myself and once Dan was done looking at my marks, he rolled me over and I got to enjoy myself even more. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than great sex when I’ve got a hot tender bottom. Especially since it’s with the man I love. *sigh*

Now I just need to learn to control my greedy nature. If I don’t, there’s no telling what I’ll be asking for next. He’s been threatening to buy me an acrylic cane like Invidia’s. I don?t think so!

I guess I better beat him to it and start looking for something more to my liking. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell me. In the meantime, I’m off to the online stores. Wish me luck!

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