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A Spanko’s Dilemma

I face this dilemma every day.


It’s not easy being a brat, you know. Especially today since Dan made the big strap the prize of the day. That was not what I meant when I said I’d try to convince him to go along with my rewards plan.

In fact, the whole prize plan is backfiring on me. We’ve been really busy around here the last few days so I’m getting a little…ummm…needy. And I really *like* that strap. It’s a thick, heavy leather strap that lands with just the right amount of thud and sting. It feels wonderful on a needy bottom…and I’m trying to remember why I’m supposed to be good.

Why did Dan make the strap the prize? Because he’s evil I tell ya! It’s a good thing I like evil. *grin*

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