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Spanking Prize Of The Day

And the prize of the day is…*drumroll here*…the riding crop with the thin slapper!

Okay, so my campaign to convince Dan that the reward system would work better isn’t exactly going the way I had planned. It seems he’s under the delusion that being good is the default therefore I shouldn’t be rewarded for behaving as I should.

Now what kind of logic is that? I say that since my nature is to be a brat, being good is hard work and should be rewarded. Rewarded with prizes, I say.

Unluckily Dan gets to decide these things and he thinks my reasoning is flawed. He doesn’t understand the amount of energy I have to expend every day trying to be good. Countless times during the day, temptation flaunts itself in front of me and it takes all of my will power to keep from giving in to it.

Dan doesn’t realize how often I bite my tongue to keep from doing or saying something bratty. And how about all the times I don’t reach out and yank his boxers down when I get the chance? I should definitely get a prize for that.

But noooooo! Instead of getting a reward that I want, he gets to pick the prize and use it as he sees fit. Today he saw fit to use the crop on my breasts when I said “no” to him. I don’t know what I said “no” to now, that’s long forgotten, but his system just isn’t working for me. Two quick swats with the crop for saying “no” didn’t exactly deter me. Instead it frustrated me to have two stinging, tingling nipples and no relief in sight.

I think he’s got a much more evil plan at work here. He’s teasing me with these so-called prizes. Instead of getting a full-blown spanking, he just gives me a taste of each one. A swat from his hand, a lick of the strap, and a couple of swats with the crop won’t do anything but get me riled up and he knows it!

With his system, Dan gives me a swat or two and I get told to behave while he goes on about his business like nothing’s wrong. I want to yell, “Hey, I’m still bent over here! Where are you going?”

At first I blamed this new behavior on all the work he’s doing trying to get SpankingBlog back up and running. (If you didn’t know, it crashed last week.) But now I think he’s got a plan. A plan to drive me crazy!

Or wait…maybe the man is even more devious than that. Maybe he’s trying to push me into making good on my threat to bite his butt. Dan’s promised me a caning for that one. I’m really going to have to think about this one. I’m not sure which I want more, to bite his butt or be good.

Oh no! I’m back to that same spanko dilemma – be good or get spanked? Ack! *wink*

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