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When The Brats Are At Play…

The tops run away! At least that’s the way it seems every time my girls and I plan a girl’s night out. Because I’m going to be busy with work stuff for awhile, I decided to run off for a couple of days to visit and play with my girl friends.

Our weekend included lots of alcohol, good food, some shopping, and a lot of jacuzzi time. I needed it, too. There’s something about just hanging out with the girls and swapping stories over Appletinis and nachos to make everything in my world fall into place.

I have a wonderful man whom I adore, but I need my girls. Who else is going to relate to my tales of binkini shaving hell? What makes sharing so much fun is that someone can always come up with an even better story that’ll have us all laughing hysterically. At one point my face was starting to hurt.

It was great fun until a certain woman showed up. I’m not sure how this person always gets invited to these little get togethers but she always shows up. I’ll just call her “Kill Joy” from here on out.

Anyway, so Kill Joy shows up and for every nice or upbeat comment anyone makes, she has a negative one to bat it down with. When one of the girls took a call from her boyfriend, Kill Joy immediately began to rant and rave about how horrible the boyfriend was.

I don’t know anyone who needs a spanking more than this woman. I wonder if she knows this. It took everything I had not to to tell her myself. But I have better ways to combat the evil that is Kill Joy. I am a brat after all.

Everytime she started in with her negativity, I jumped in and redirected the conversation to something that I knew she wouldn’t be able to participate in. Luckily one of my fellow brats caught on and was right there with me. It didn’t take long for the others to jump in and we completely drowned her out and got the party back on track. Once she realized we wouldn’t let our joy be killed, she left. Thank goodness!

Why is it that the people who need spanking the most never seem to get one? I know I get grumpy and a little out of sorts when I’ve gone too long without a good spanking but that’s just ridiculous. Okay, so spanking isn’t for everyone and she’d probably scream “assault and battery” at the top of her lungs. But she really needs it! Aaaagh!

Okay, back to the party. The rest of us had fun and after a long soak in the jacuzzi, I was feeling friendly and called Dan with a party report. At first I was fine. I told him how much I loved him and how wonderful he was. Then slowly I lost my mind.

The alcohol and steam from the hot tub must have gotten to me because I became delirious while talking to him. I’m still confused about this so bear with me. Somehow I told him because I was so grateful to him that he could not only continue the new spanking regime but he should increase it three fold.

What was I thinking? Three times the fun? It’s a good thing I love spanking.

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. When I’m bent over, gritting my teeth, and trying to be still, I chant that over and over in my mind. I love spankings…OWWW…I LOVE spankings…Grrrr…I LOVE SPANKINGS…OUCH!!

It’s amazing the trouble my mouth gets my bottom into. *grin*

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