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Spanking Good Review

I’m proud to announce that Jane’s Guide reviewed my blog and gave it a “Quality” rating! Yay!

If you haven’t been over there, it’s a great site that reviews adult sites in a number of categories. I placed a banner in my menu section on the right, so go check them out.

In the meantime, Dan and I are off to play this weekend and I’ve already had one good spanking. We came in after a wonderful meal with friends and quickly got down to business.

While I was changing out of my dress, Dan piled three pillows on the bed and gathered up the toys he wanted to use. I didn’t have a chance to say anything because he told me to get over the pillows and get my butt in the air as soon as I walked back into the room.

He started with some serious hand spanking and quickly moved on to the paddle, strap, and tawse. It was fairly intense and as I was comfy lying across those pillows, I was able to really get into the sensations of each toy. The paddle felt awfully thuddy but by mixing up strokes with it with the strap and tawse, it gave me a chance to enjoy it more.

It was wonderful getting the sensations of stingy and thuddy switched back and forth like that. I loved it…mmm-mmm.

What a great way to start off our weekend! Especially since Dan promised me a big spanking for later. Now all I have to do is distract him so he’ll forget that silly “three times the spanking” I suggested last weekend. I’m not sure my poor bottom is quite up to that. *grin*

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