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Pre-Shopping Spanking

Invidia asked what I did while shopping that embarrassed Dan so much he’d walk away from me. I actually think it’s funny that things I see as perfectly acceptable are not within Dan’s comfort level.

For starters, I can barely get him to walk into the store with me if I plan to return or exchange an item. It’s not like I’m trying to put one over on the store or anything. Sometimes things are defective or aren’t right for some legitimate reason and I see nothing wrong with exchanging or returning said item.

Dan on the other hand views shopping as a gamble. You pay your money and you take your chances. If he buys an item and it doesn’t work, he writes it off to bad luck and moves on. I repack it and take it back to the place of purchase. That’s my job now since he refuses to go anywhere near customer service.

That’s okay though, I *like* dealing with customer service. That where true brats get a work out. Most of the time it’s a piece of cake but occasionally I get a real challenge at the counter. Like the time the girl tried to charge me extra even though I was exchanging one item for the exact same item. I stood my ground and eventually she found a supervisor to sort it out before I threw a tantrum.

Dan also won’t stick around if I head for the deli counter. What is wrong with asking for what I want? I admit I’m particular about how my meats and cheeses are sliced but I’m very polite while going through the process.

If I see a new product I’d like to try, I see no problem with asking for a sample. I’m in the process of buying anyway and besides that, I’ll buy the new product if I like it so it’s a sale for them. I don’t see the problem. It’s not like I’m walking around asking for free stuff. I’m trying to make a purchase. Geez! That’s not being bratty, that’s being a smart shopper.

Now I admit that when I’m in the seasonal toy aisle, I can get a little crazy. I love making the animotion toys do their thing and I get great joy out of trying them all. It’s good clean fun. Also, there’s a singing cat sitting in our baggage even as I speak so I’m not trying them out for nothing.

The other thing is, believe it or not, I like to try on shoes before I buy them. Gasp! The horror!

Sorry, but I’m not buying a pair of shoes I haven’t tried on, walked around in a little, and looked at in those little mirrors. Dan didn’t even know about the little hose booties they have available for such insanity.

I know I looked at him liked he was an alien straight from outer space when he told me he just grabs a pair of shoes in his size and buys them. No trying on, no walking around in them, no mirrors, and certainly no little hose booties. I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

There is one little thing that might be confused with being bratty. Sometimes I see something and I need to go check it out. It’s not my fault he wasn’t paying attention or didn’t hear me. Dan swears I’m always racing off and leaving him standing around not knowing what to do because I’ve “run off on him”. It’s not running off. It’s shopping. I always find more than what’s on my list. Not my fault.

Honestly, I don’t think any of this shopping behavior is bratty. Despite what I think, Dan’s become a big believer in preventive spanking. And while I don’t think I need to be spanked before going out, it’s nice sometimes. A slightly warm bottom makes me feel all giggly and girly inside.

I’m not sure Dan’s spanking regime is working as he’d planned but it’s working…in a roundabout sort of way. I’m feeling well-spanked and loved so I’m behaving as best as I can. That’s something anyway. Besides, what would he do if I was perfectly behaved and he couldn’t make the most of his spanking regime? I can’t let him down like that! *grin*

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