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Sore Bottom Monday

Well, what else would follow Spanking Sunday?

Dan gave me a very long and wonderful spanking Sunday night. He started with a warm-up with my new rose paddle. I love the way he used it, slowly warming my bottom until I was ready for something more intense.

The more intense came in the form of a cane. He used the largest of our canes light enough to sting but not so hard as to burn deeply. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it…again.

I guess it’s all those years of thinking the cane was the worst thing ever that causes me to always be surprised when I enjoy it. I never imagined that the cane could be used so sensuously. After such a good warm-up, the cane was perfect. It’s sting was the perfect compliment to the all over warmth the paddle had created.

Mmmm it was absolutely yummy! Dan snuck in a few zingers of course, but that was okay. Those felt good mixed in with lighter ones.

After all that warm-up, even our new heavy strap felt good, too. He landed it pretty hard a few times but I still managed to keep my butt in the air and ready for more. It’s amazing what a little preparation does for my bottom.

Dan eventually switched back to the rose paddle and slipped a hand under me so he could finger me while he spanked me. That’s when I got greedy. I laid there moaning and wriggling around but never complaining as he continued to spank me. He really concentrated on the lowest part of my cheeks, my sweet spot, so to speak.

He could’ve spanked me like that for hours and I wouldn’t have complained. I was in deep and enjoying every second of it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to be sore today but I didn’t care. I was loving it and didn’t want to stop.

But then Dan reminded me that there was more fun to be had if I’d turn over and lie on my back for him. That part was especially yummy.

It’s a good thing he did that too, or else I’d be sitting on an even sorer bottom. I like the soreness I have now. It feels good when I shift around and get that little reminder that I’ve been really spanked. I think I like Sore Bottom Monday! *grin*

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