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In case you hadn’t heard yet, I got a big surprise this week – two new straps! John from Leather Thorn Paddles made these straps and I love them. He does such great work and these are especially yummy.



They’re a lovely red color I adore, and are about 3/4 inch wide and a 1/4 inch thick. The longer one is about 21 inches long and the shorter one is about 13 inches in length.

They both deliver a serious sting that lasts for quite awhile. The longer one feels more intense and Dan can get a good swing going when he wants to. And he’s wanted to more often than not! But even when used lightly, this strap can still be mighty stingy. It can feel everything from yummy stingy to fiery stingy.

Dan’s been using the shorter one mainly for thigh and breast spanking but it’s also great for otk because of it’s length. Dan’s been pleased by my body’s reaction when he spanks my breasts while I’ve been almost embarrassed.

I can’t believe how hard my nipples get when Dan slaps them with that small strap. It’s almost like they’re betraying me. That’s one of the funny things about being a spanko girl like me, stuff that should feel bad sometimes has the exact opposite feeling.

Breast spanking is a prime example of that phenomenon for me. My mind screams “no” but my body reacts “yes” so loudly that my mind gives in and finally says “Hey, do that again, I *liked* it!” I don’t even have to say it out loud because Dan’s gotten really good at listening to my body.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with these straps the last couple of days. We’re getting them broken in pretty fast actually. *grin*

Thanks, John! You do wonderful work!

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