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Shower Spanking Toy

While surfing around I found the perfect toy for the shower spanking fantasy.


Found at Lover’s Package, these cuffs have suction cups attached so they’d be just what we’d need for some wet fun. They’d certainly make Dan’s job easier if he plans to keep me in the shower for a spanking.

It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea of some shower fun, but a serious wet bottom spanking might make me change my mind and I might need the suction cups to keep me from slipping and sliding in an attempt to get away. That’s my excuse anyway. *wink*

There is one precaution I’d have to take first though; the rubber spatula must be hidden. Thanks to Patty for mentioning that toy would be the right one for a shower spanking. If she hadn’t mentioned it I probably wouldn’t have thought to hide it. Thanks, Patty! LOL

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