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Just when I thought things were going back to normal Dan comes up with a new game for us. He’s been encouraging me to keep my hands on my head while he crops my breasts but I haven’t always been able to keep them there. If he lands a particularly hard swat or catches a nipple just right, I’ll yelp and let my hands drop. Even though I enjoy what he’s doing, sometimes it’s just a little too much sensation and I have to react.

Dan decided to find a sure way to encourage me and it involves that awful rubber spatula he loves so much. Every time I drop my hands, I get one swat with the spatula. Of course he chose that method!

I admit I like getting my breasts spanked, but this new twist has really got things jumping around here. The short crop and the small schoolmaster’s strap are sitting on his desk ready to be used at any time and we’ve been playing off and on all day. So far I’ve only gotten two swats with the rubber spatula and that’s just fine by me.

Now every time Dan tells me to put my hands on my head, my nipples immediately pop right up for attention. He keeps testing me and I’m happy to play along. As long as I only earn a swat every once in awhile that’s okay. It kinda keeps things interesting actually.

I’m not saying I’m learning to accept that evil spatula though. That’s not happening. Nope. Never…but maybe I won’t have a meltdown every time I see it now. Yeah, it still hurts and it’s a great deterrent but Dan’s been using it lighter today and it hasn’t been so bad. Especially after he’s spanked my breasts and I’m feeling kinda frisky anyway. Not much feels too bad when I’m feeling like that.

It’s been a fun day, Dan’s decided his experiment is a success, and I’m not going to argue. Tonight my nipples are feeling very sensitive and perky, and well…so am I. *grin*

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