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Spanking Marks

What is it about after-spanking marks? The better my bottom is marked, the happier Dan is. I admit I enjoy seeing a mark or two myself sometimes, but it’s not nearly as exciting to me as it is to Dan.

I think it may be that since I can feel the after-effects, I have proof enough of my spanking. After a good spanking, my bottom will have a nice lasting warmth and be tender to the touch. If I see a little pink, that’s nice, too.

But Dan likes to see real marks. He enjoys watching the way an implement lands and the impression it makes on my bottom. Some implements immediately make a whitish mark that quickly colors up. Different implements make different marks. He loves it all.

It’s not that I’m against marks, but I think they should at least get me a little sympathy. Instead, if I come into the room pouting and show him my marked bottom, he takes it as an invitation to spank me some more and on top of the marks just to “brighten them up a little.” I can’t win that game. What’s worse is, I can’t help but play it either. *sigh*

But what makes me really crazy is the way he’ll say “Oh now that’s pretty!” when he’s admiring the marks on my bottom. It’s not just because I don’t find those marks pretty at all, but because he exclaims the exact same thing when I come prancing into the room wearing something slinky. What’s a girl to think?

Maybe I should just grab the credit card and see if I can find something especially pretty to impress him with. I’ve had my eye on this lovely strapless corset from Lovers Package.


I think I may have to order it and see what reaction that’ll get me. *grin*

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