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We’re still on vacation but I’m sending in quick posts when I can. I’ll try to answer comments when I find a place with a good internet connection so please be patient with me. I really appreciate everyone’s comments but at the moment I’m in a relative’s living room and can’t devote the time I’d like to answer. Soon though! In the meantime, I’ve got some posts lined up for this week that I can post on the fly.

I’m always on the look for fun and kinky things for Dan and I to try. Here’s something that caught my eye from Extreme Restraints.


Doesn’t that just look like fun? Make up a few fun rules, mix in a little spanking, and it could make for a very fun evening. I have the feeling the rules would include me getting spanked for not holding still and causing him to miss. Not that I would do such a thing. *grin*

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