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Pretty Vintage Panties


I like this pose but I love those panties! I love pretty undies and I want some just like those. Not that they’d do me much good in the woods but we’ll be home eventually!

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Spanking Teaser

We’re in a hotel with a decent internet connection so I thought I’d give y’all a quick update. I hate to be a spank tease by not giving any details, but I just had to announce that I finally got my switching in the woods!

We took a walk along a gorgeous trail and Dan found a nice willow to make a switch from. I was apprehensive when he bent me over and had me place my hands on a tree trunk for balance because I’d never been switched before. I was right to be, too. Darn but that thing stung! And he switched me over my jeans, too. I’m just glad we were alone in the woods. At least, I hope we were!

I’ll post a picture of the switch and give more details when we get back home. It’s been an amazing vacation but I’m ready to get back. I’m hoping we’ll be home by the end of the week. Until then since I had downloaded several pics from Guba for use while we were away, that’s probably all I’ll be able to post until we get back to our home computers. I just had to finish Spankable Bottoms month with gusto! *wink*

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