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Beware Hotel Spanking Implements!

We’re still on the road, but I wanted to issue a traveler’s advisory to you other brats. Whenever you check into a hotel room, check to make sure the curtains don’t have those nasty plastic rods attached to them. You know, the ones they attach to the tops so you can pull them closed easily.

I’ve always appreciated them before because I’m not all that tall and they kept me from bouncing around in front of my windows trying to get the curtains drawn completely closed. But now, I don’t ever want to see another one of those again..ever!

You see, Dan’s had his eyes on them all along and has even tried to remove one before because he thought they’d make great spanking toys. Luckily, they’re usually put them on well enough that they’re not easily removed. Today though, we checked into a place that didn’t have theirs as well secured. In fact, one of the rods was completely off and lying on the sill.

That alone was bad enough, but Dan just happened to find it after I’d let off a little grumpy steam. The last couple of traveling days have been a little rough so it was natural. Too bad he didn’t think so.

It was a long clear plastic rod and just looking at it, I knew it was going to hurt. I wasn’t too eager to try it out but Dan made me bend over my bed and gave me three whacks with that thing. He did it over my pants but it still stung like crazy. Wow! That thing was ouchie!

Later he bent me over the vanity and gave me another quick spanking with the smaller one from the bathroom window. It turns out even that one stings like the devil. Grrrrr!

It looks like I’m going to have to screen the places we stay at a little more carefully from now on. I wonder what the reservation desk agents would think if I asked them if the curtains in their hotel came with those plastic rods? I’m sure they’d think I was crazy and probably wouldn’t know…but it couldn’t hurt to ask since I know for sure it really does hurt if they do have them! LOL

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