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Quick Update

I’m still pulling my hair out here…literally at times! It’s been kinda windy around here lately and as I was rushing to get into my car, I accidently caught some of my hair in the door, then not having noticed, ripped those hairs out when I turned my head to see if I could back up. Ouch!

It’s funny how I can enjoy getting my bottom spanked good and hard, but a few pulled hairs got me screaming like I was being killed. My poor passengers didn’t exactly enjoy it either. My sister was fascinated by the hairs hanging from the window though and even commented on how much that must have hurt since the roots were still attached to those hairs. Hmph!

That was one of those moments when I realized I really must have a tough butt after all. I’ll take a hard spanking with any number of implemets and just wiggle and moan, but yank out a few hairs and I’m shrieking like a big baby. Good pain vs bad pain. And I really *like* the good pain! LOL

Besides that little epiphany, not much to report in our corner of the spanko world. I’m still running crazy with my sisters trying to put on the finishing touches to this crazy winter wedding we’re planning. That doesn’t leave much energy for great spanko fun. Dan’s been so sweet and patient about this whole thing that I try to thank him properly when I can. Properly meaning blowjob in case you were wondering. *grin*

I guess I better jump back into the fray but I wanted to mention something. Brett and Hiromi have moved Panties, Panties, Panties to a new address: so if you have their old addy, it’s time to update it and go visit them in their new digs. As always, they have great pics of undies and Hiromi to share – I especially love those panty girdles. Very yummy!

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