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I just bought a shirt with this Olivia De Berardinis image on it. I love anything Bettie so I couldn’t resist getting the shirt. I also love Olivia’s art and I’ve found some great stuff on her site as well.

Things are looking up around here btw. Dan started out my day with a few good spanks with the wooden kitchen spoon I just bought. We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been getting spanked as much and my bottom was surprisingly tender after just a few spanks. Either that or he was really swinging it!

It was definitely ouchie. I may have to buy a couple more of those spoons though. I can’t stand cooking with any utensil I get spanked with. There’s just something wrong about it but I can’t put it into words. It just feels wrong somehow! LOL

I guess that means a trip to the utensil aisle in good ole reliable WalMart. I can’t believe some of the spanko goodies I find in that store. I need some paint, too, so I guess I’ll pick up a few paint stirrers. I wonder if anyone will notice if I get the big stirrers even though I’m only buying one of those little bitty cans of paint? *grin*

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