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I’ve been working on getting a new digital camera (which means I’ve been searching online and sending Dan links to cameras I like) and I hope to receive one for Valentine’s Day/our anniversary. We sort of combine the two dates since our anniversary is on February 15. Two days of wild celebration. I can barely wait!

In the meantime, I get to find the perfect camera for my big gift. Okay, so it’s not exactly romantic or spontaneous to tell him exactly what I want, but I’d rather get what I want than something unexpected and ummm well, you know how men can be. It’s just easier on both of us. Besides, I’ve never been a woman of mystery so there’s no point in starting now.

So I’ve decided on a fancy digital camera. It’ll be for fun as well as for more ambitious things like saving those precious moments in our life. I fully expect some of those precious moments to be post-spanking.

Digital cameras are great for spankos like us who like to see the after effects of a good spanking. Dan often likes to take pictures of my bottom when the marking is still fresh. I’ve mentioned his interest in marks before and this is a way he can keep a more lasting memory of his handiwork.

That’s what got me thinking. I should combine my loves of spanking, photography, and scrapbooking and start my own spanking scrapbook! I could have all kinds of fun sorting through the pics and deciding how to categorize them. There could be sections for good girl spankings, not so good girl spankings, floggings, canings, and anything else I can think of.

I’ll definitely have to put in a section for the more memorable spankings with sidenotes about what had been used and for how long. It could get really interesting really quickly.

I just wish I’d thought of this sooner. Like last week when I had that really impressive cane mark from the new toy. Darn that lexan cane is a stingy one!

Yesterday, Dan spanked me with it over my jeans and it still left marks! I couldn’t believe how bad it burned, too. I wasn’t shy about letting him know about it, for what little good it did me. It seems he enjoyed the way I howled, clutched my bottom with both hands, and flopped around on the bed trying to work the burn out. It burned like fire though and my poor bottom was tender for the better part of the day.

And you know what the worst part is? I can’t remember what I did to deserve that. Not that it matters, my reaction was so entertaining that all I’ve been hearing is how “we’ll do that again.” I just wish Dan wouldn’t sound so eager when he says it. It probably would’ve helped if I hadn’t been grinning when I was clutching and flopping. I tried to say I was grimacing, but he didn’t buy it. I think it was the laughing that gave me away. Like I said before, I’ve never been a woman of mystery. *grin*

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