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New Spanking Smilies

I’ve been having fun with animation again so I thought I’d share the results here. I started with this smiley.


Then when a conversation at the Den turned to the Brat Loop, I made some changes.


That’s when the conversation went a little astray. It seems my Brat Loop smiley was the cause of the thread going off-topic. I tried to get us back on the topic of hotel spankings with this effort.


But I failed and we were hopelessly off course. So I used my crazy moderator skills and started a new thread, moving all the off-topic posts to a new thread. Where Katie suggested a hairbrush, so of course, I had to make another smiley.


Whew! Now I’m thinking, what other implements can I put in this smiley’s hand? I guess a cane is the next logical toy, but maybe I should try making a paddle like my new black leather one. Or maybe…I better stop now before I end up with a whole bunch of well equipped spanko smilies. *grin*

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