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I’m Wishing…

I wish Dan could spank the snot out of me, I really do. ‘Cause then maybe my head wouldn’t feel so congested. Yup, we have colds. Yucky, yucky colds. But at least it’s not the flu, I took that shot.

Luckily, before I got really sick I managed to stock up on juices and snacks so we’ll just hunker down here in our house and wait it out. It’s a good thing I have a new game that will keep my mind off my troubles. Or should I say keep my bottom out of trouble?

If we weren’t so sick, I think Dan really would’ve taken me up on his threat (in the last post’s comments) to give the Brat Loop a good work-out. Ohhhh if only we weren’t! That’s how sick I am, I’m wishing we could play with the Brat Loop! I think it’s the fever talking. *wink*

I guess I should make the most of this downtime and start looking for some nice Valentine goodies online. I’m thinking a little bling bling might be in order. Of course, my idea of that might be a little different from most folks. For instance, I *like* these pretty things.


They’re all this girl needs to feel dressed up. I think I like the red one, it seems more appropriate for Valentine’s Day don’t you think? *grin*

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