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Lazy Weekend

It’s starting to look like another of those lazy weekends for us. I threatened to liven things up by wearing my caning panties, but then I quickly returned to my senses and took back the offer.

Have I mentioned the caning panties before? I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to search my archives, so I’ll explain them just in case I haven’t. During the holiday season last year, one of the stores I shop carried panties with holiday themes on them and I bought a few. I wasn’t thinking about it when I showed them to Dan. His eyes lit up when he saw the ones with little candy canes on them and declared them to be my caning panties. He says whenever I wear them I must be asking for the cane. Huh? I just thought they looked cute.

I’ve added those panties to the group that I wear when I want a spanking. Needless to say, the caning panties don’t get worn much. I might have to rethink that tactic now that we have the new cane. I’m still a little curious about it since we haven’t played with it much. I’m thinking the upcoming Valentine’s Day might be my opportunity.

I may have to put them on and hope my spanko curiosity or greediness isn’t going too far on this one. We haven’t played much with that cane so I’d like to see what it really feels like. A stroke here and there has only made me wonder what it’d be like to get more of it. I know it can be a very intense toy, but Dan’s only used it lightly so far. Even a light stroke leaves a nice sting but it fades pretty quickly. It makes me wonder what a harder stroke would feel like.

I know some people think canes are only evil toys and will think I’m crazy for wanting more, but I’m the type of spanko who likes her spankings intense. It also helps that Dan is great with a cane. He knows how to vary the intensity and make it a very sensual experience. He’ll tease me with light strokes that gives me a taste of it’s ability to sting. Before I know it, I’m aching for him to swing it harder and give me more and more. I get greedy.

I’ve never regretted it though! By the time I get more, I want it that way. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? What’s really funny is that now that I’m thinking about it like this, I kinda want to go put on those caning panties and prance around the house. Greed and curiousity are a bad combination in a brat like me. *wink*

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