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I Have Stupid Nipples

That’s right, my nipples are stupid. It doesn’t seem to matter what Dan does to them, they *like* it. He can bite, pinch, twist, and slap them with different toys and they just pop right up for more. Hmph!


They especially love the smaller of the Wicked School Master Straps. Dan will start out lightly slapping my breasts with it and that will get my nipples a little perky. But as soon as he lands an especially stingy one, my nipples just get harder. If he lands a good one right across them as they’re getting sensitive, that gets them as hard as they can get.

The same thing happens whenever he pinches or bites them, too. They don’t like being treated tenderly or gently. If he just lightly kisses them or caresses them, they will get a little friendly. It’s nothing like when they get handled a little more roughly though.

It wouldn’t be too bad but Dan loves to tease me about it. He’ll give them a quick pinch and then sit back and watch the show. Every time, they just pop right up, looking for more. He gets practically gleeful about it. He says they’re “happy” because they like it. That, of course, just means they must want more and more is what they get. And they just keep being perky.

Like I said, stupid nipples! I even call them that when they get too darn perky and give me away…I mean when they act stupid. *wink*

I don’t help either because sometimes I just can’t help but burst out laughing and grinning from ear to ear. Dan can spank my bottom bright red, pinch and slap my nipples until they’re hard as rocks, and what do I do? I just get happy. I say I’m wired crazy but Dan says I’m wired just right for him. It’s a good thing we found each other! I don’t think anyone else could make me laugh so hard about my stupid nipples. *grin*

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