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Crop Of Welts

I think that’s what I’m going to name the new crop; The Crop of Welts. I don’t know why but this new crop has been leaving little welts on my bottom almost every time we use it. I haven’t had a really serious spanking lately so maybe my butt is out of practice. Yeah, I still get the everyday swats and quickie spankings, but I haven’t had a serious butt whacking in a couple weeks or so.

Dan keeps saying he needs to take care of that but we’ve had some things going on. We’ve taken turns getting sick and some other odd things happened and interfered with our play time. But that time may be coming up soon and Dan seems to be intent on breaking in that new crop.

Everytime he uses it he tries different angles and intensities to see what works best. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ve about decided that this new toy is evil. Dan tried spanking me with just the tip and even that felt incredibly stingy. I was yelping and trying to climb over the side of the bed because it felt like a swarm of bees was attacking my bottom. That’s just not like me!

Then he thought maybe he’d try using the rod part of the crop. I immediately straightened up and started to squawk. Not that it did any good, Dan just pushed me back into place and started using the tip again. Hmph!

It doesn’t matter how he uses it, I still get at least a couple of little welts and it leaves that kind of unique type of sting that sort of itches after it sinks in. Eventually it settles down into a warm burn. I’ve spent alot of time these last couple of weeks walking around the house muttering and rubbing my bottom trying to remember why in the world I thought I needed another crop.

In fact, I’m sitting on a burning bottom right now because I was greedy foolish enough to tell Dan what I was writing about and then follow him into the bedroom where the evil crop of welts hangs on the wall. Silly, silly me! *wink*

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