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How My Nipples Give Me Away


Once again my nipples have surprised me which left me trying to decide if I have stupid nipples or if they’re really only honest nipples instead.

The other night we were in bed settling down for the night and as it often happens, the kisses and cuddling led to light spanks and giggling. As our playfulness gained intensity, we moved closer to passion. Dan pushed me over onto my belly, then positioned himself behind me as he straddled my thighs so he could have access to my bottom.

He began spanking me lightly all over my bottom, making me moan and wiggle my bottom in approval. Light spanks are never enough for him though so he reached down and grabbed the Jokari paddle. It was the handiest of the toys which made it the most appropriate at that moment. Besides, Dan says he approves of that paddle because he barely has to swing it to get a reaction out of me.

Dan started with light spanks but even light spanks with the Jokari paddle sting and burn a bit. He knows what I like though so he alternated the paddlle with hand spanks. The paddle gave me the intensity I like but by using his hand every once in a while, he kept it from getting too intense. He’d give me a few stinging swats with the paddle to take me higher and then back the intensity down with softer hand spanks.

I was enjoying my spanking quite a bit but I was ready for more when he told me it was time to roll over for him. Dan’s an amazing lover and when he goes down on me, I’m iin heaven. This time he reached up and began pinching and twisting my nipples to add to the already wonderful sensations he was giving me. More than ususal, every pinch and twist was sending shock waves down to where his mouth and fingers were already busy working me into a frenzy.

I wasn’t in any condition to think about it, I was too busy enjoying it so I didn’t realize how I was reacting to the treatment my nipples were receiving. Then my orgasm hit me hard. I hadn’t quite come down from that when I felt Dan spreading my legs and entering me. That’s when my mind went directly into animal lust mode and all that mattered was being with this man I love and giving him all I could with my body.

When the smoke cleared and we had collapsed on the bed, Dan pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. He lightly squeezed a nipple between his fingers and commented on how he bet they’d be sore tomorrow. I’d forgotten about all the pinching and twisting until then so that hadn’t occurred to me just yet. I whimpered a little and complained some about how rough he’d been.

Dan wasn’t buying any though. He told he that when he was pinching my nipples, he could tell I was enjoying it…really enjoying it! I was mortified. I kept saying I didn’t like it that much and he kept telling that even though my head didn’t like it, my body did and he had proof positive now. He said every time he pinched and twisted my nipples, I was twitching and reacting in a way that showed him the pleasure I was getting out of that treatment, and he should know considering his position at the time.

That left me wondering about how right he is. I’ve often said I’m not sure I’m wired right. Rough play feels like pain, in my head it’s pain, but it’s also always just dancing on the edge of being more like pleasure. My body sure responds like it’s pleasure.

I’m not completely sure what it’s all about but I guess that’s just the way I am. It doesn’t really matter I guess. When I say I’m not wired right, Dan responds that’s fine by him because I’m wired right for him. In the end, I have to admit that’s all that really matters. It also makes me believe we really were meant for each other, wiring and all.

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