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According to this tag, once you have been tagged, you have to write a post with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself and say who tagged you. Here goes nothing!

1) I enjoy reading everything from Jane Austen to modern mysteries.

2) I love seafood.

3) When I wake up before Dan, I like to watch him sleep…which scares the heck out of him when he opens his eyes and sees me staring at him. Heh.

4) I love my ipod which is handy because of my diverse musical tastes.

5) I have a habit of biting my tongue when I’m concentrating on something.

6) I like playing Zuma late at night.

7) I’d rather buy underwear than the clothes that go over them.

8) My neck is very ticklish.

I know I’m supposed to tag six more people, but I think everyone’s already been tagged. But just in case you haven’t Padme, Annie, Natty, anyone?

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