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Lazy Spanko Blogging…

We’ve been really busy lately but for some reason Dan always manages to keep up with his blogging while I can’t seem to put two sentences together. Well, not two coherent sentences anyway.

I’ve been sitting at my ‘puter playing games (Zuma mainly), rearranging my desk, daydreaming, and being generally lazy. It’s good to be lazy some days and with the summer already beginning its retreat here, I’m feeling my energy level going with it. I’m sure I’ll pick up soon and get back into my happy to be inside and all cozy routine, but until then I’m being a lazy blogger.

I’m still a little surprised that running around having a good time has so thoroughly kicked my butt. In the meantime, I’ll sit here and try to re-energize myself. It’d probably help if I dragged my very unwilling butt to the gym but somehow that just doesn’t seem to be fitting into my lazy day schedule.

We have a new toy that I’ll post about later when we get a chance to play with it. I should be taking pictures of it and preparing a post, but I’d much rather have fun perverting my Yoda doll. I think all Jedi masters should have a Board of Education. Heh.


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