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Our New Whip


This is the whip Dan recently bought for us. It’s made from nice leather and I like the way it feels when I run my hand along its length. We’re still experimenting with it so I can only report that sometimes I like the way it feels when it’s whipped across my bottom.

It’s one of those toys that can feel sensuous or evil depending on how it’s used. Since I’m a greedy lil’ spanko, evil mixed in with sensuous can be fun. A good sensuous spanking is lovely and sends me into spanko bliss, but sometimes that extra touch of evil can be what I want, need,…crave.

I’d worry about those cravings but I know I’m not alone and nowhere near extreme. Well, not extreme in this world anyway. I’m just a happy spanko who likes her spankings with a dash of evil. Just a dash. (That part is in case Dan is reading, I don’t want to seem too eager, you know.)

So far in our experimental play with the whip, he’s managed to leave one fairly impressive welt but that only makes me think we need some more practice time. I’m confident enough to offer up my bottom for more of that now. Dan started out practicing on the sofa and cushions but that was making me crazy. I was afraid he’d damage the furniture somehow.

Now I’m hoping we’ll have time to experiment with the whip this weekend since it’s shaping up to be a lazy, stay-indoor type of weekend. I’m curious how it will all work out. Curiosity is a good thing, right?

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