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Aroused By Spanking


So there I was lying half-awake in the bed, sort of reading, but mainly just daydreaming when Dan wandered into the room. We started to talk a little about our day’s plans and since I had his attention, I rolled over onto my belly to give him access to my bottom.

As his hands wandered over my body, I relaxed into his touch and waited for more. Dan, being the reliable spanko man that he is, began spanking my bottom just as I’d hoped. I still had the sheet around me so I wasn’t getting any sting from the spanks, just nice solid spanks. Unluckily he was getting the same solid smacks on the palms of his hands and after quite a few nice swats he let up for a minute.

He grumbled, “I bet that just feels like a massage to you doesn’t it?”

I just giggled a little, apologized about hurting his hands, and then wiggled my bottom at him. That’s when he gave me the bongo drum treatment; using both his hands to smack my bottom cheeks. When he quit, I looked up and he was rubbing his hands together.

That’s when I made the mistake of teasing him about hurting his hands on my bottom. I keep forgetting that darn Jokari paddle is hanging by the bedroom door. I really need to start remembering that little detail.

The next thing I knew, I’d lost the sheet and he was paddling my bare bottom with that mean paddle. Darn! That thing is completely unforgiving and really stings. I yelped a bit but Dan just kept on smacking my bottom.

Once he was satisfied, he hung up the paddle while I laid on the bed, rubbing my stinging bottom and moaning a little over how much that paddle hurt. And what did he say to that?


Then he came back to the bed to give me some more “attention.”

I’m not grumbling about any of it either. Being roused in the morning by my love with a good spanking and lots of love is my favorite way to start the day. Dan needs to be careful though. I might get the wrong idea and start thinking I should lie around in the bed daydreaming more often if that’s how he’s going to wake me up.

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