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A Little Whipping, A Little Caning


Remember the cane I found in my Christmas stocking? When Dan decided to finally give our new whip a good workout, he also pulled the cane out of hiding. I swear I didn’t hide it, but he says he hadn’t seen it for some time and was surprised to run across it. I think it had managed to roll under the bed somehow, way under the bed.

Since the cane had been out of sight for awhile, I’d forgotten how intense that particular toy can be. All it took was one stroke though, and all the memories came flooding back! Wowwzaa!

Dan had me drape myself across two pillows in the middle of our bed, my bottom up and available for his attention. I felt him tap my bottom with the length of the cool lexan rod and I relaxed, knowing that was the best way for me to prepare for receiving a cane stroke. The coolness of the lexan can fool a bottom into forgetting it’s delivered stroke will be in stark contrast to that; when delivered properly it lies down a line of heat that feels as if it could burst into flames. The first stroke landed on the fullest part of my bottom, the second a little lower, and then the last settled into that sensitive crease that separates my bottom from my thigh.

Every stroke that landed started out as a warm line across my skin but quickly escalated into a searing burn. My back would arch as I rode the pain, and as I settled into the sensations and came down, I’d collapse across the pillows under me. Dan would settle my wiggling down with a light rub to ease some of the pain. After just a couple of strokes with the cane, I was anxious to try out the whip again. That last stroke, landed in that very sensitive crease, practically had me ready to beg for the whip I’d been both anxious to try, and suspicious of, since I’d first seen it.

Until that night Dan had been using the whip lightly as he learned to control it properly, learning to guide it so it would land exactly where he wanted it. He was improving and at the same time, building up my expectations; both good and bad. I was ready to give it a good workout to see exactly how the whip felt when used with more vigor. The three cane strokes had me wondering if maybe a little whip action might be the next step in sensation that I wanted to experience.

Dan, who was eager to use the whip, told me to stay where I was and positioned himself to the right of me. As he began flicking the whip across my bottom and upper thighs, he increased the intensity slowly. His practice time paid off and he controlled the delivery of the strokes as he wanted.

The sensation for me was different from the other toys we’ve played with. The whip delivered a sting that was at once lighter and yet more intense than our other implements. It burned without biting, stung without fire. Dan worked his way around the bed and ended up to the left of me. It was the angle he preferred and he increased his swing just a bit more. It was almost like the stinging lick of the belt, but without the thud.

I got lost in the feeling, trying to take it in, examining the sensations and putting them into compartments in my head. I don’t know how long Dan continued, but in time my bottom was feeling very warm with little burning spots mixed around. When he stopped to run his hands across my skin, I could feel the spots were very sensitive and one line in particular that the cane left was very sore. Those were the welted parts; some were puffy and assorted shapes from the whip, the line from the cane left a rather spectacular welt on that lowest part of my bottom.

Dan took his time admiring my bottom and then decided that I needed aloe on the welted parts. He carefully rubbed the cooling aloe in, letting his fingers explore their surface. I was moaning, waiting to see where he would lead me next, when he told me to roll over. I did, then I watched as he stood up, pulled his shirt up over his head, tossed it aside, then climbed onto the bed with me and pushed my legs apart. The rest was sex as good and sweaty as possible, made more intense by the feeling of my fresh welted bottom as it rubbed against the sheets.

That was just a few days ago, and unfortunately the welts faded and were gone by the next day. I had a couple of little sore spots, but they didn’t last long either. *sigh*

It’s been a very busy summer here but things have settled down in the last couple of weeks and I’m hoping to spend more time writing in the near future. Even though we were playing as usual, it’s been hard to find the time to write the details down. By the time I was ready to sit down at the computer, they weren’t as fresh in my mind. One spanking blended into the other, and I’d forget where one began and the other ended. It’s a nice blur but not very interesting to anyone else.

Soon though, the summer will be gone, the nights will be longer, and I’ll be back to writing more. In the summer, the days call me out, and in the colder seasons, the nights draw me home. I’m in the middle now though, it could go either way on any given day…

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