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Flirting And Spanking In The Mall

Over the weekend I was walking around the mall, doing more people watching than shopping actually, when I observed some college kids having fun. The group was made up of three girls and a couple of guys and they were laughing, flirting, and generally just having a carefree afternoon at the mall. Watching them I felt a jab of nostalgia. Not that I’d want to be at that stage of life again, but it had it’s moments and watching that group reminded me of some of the better ones.

As I neared them, they turned to enter one of the stores that caters to the alternative crowd. The store had their Halloween display at the entrance and it consisted of some very interesting items. The most prominant was a latex nurses outfit complete with riding crop. The crop was black and had a large round tip with a red cross printed on it. That crop not only caught my eye, but that of one of the guys in the group.

He picked up the crop and slapped it against the palm of his hand experiementally. One of the girls noticed and bent over, giggling and wagging her bottom at him as she invited him to try it out on her. He seemed very happy to oblige and gave her a couple of light swats with it. At that point, I guess the other two girls didn’t want to be left out, so they joined their friend. They also encouraged him to try it out on them as they wiggled their pert bottoms suggestively.

The guy didn’t waste anytime and began spanking all three girls in turn. After a bit, he began spanking a little harder. I guess that’s when the girls must have decided they’d had enough, giggling and rubbing their bottoms, they scampered away into the store. They were still teasing and flirting though as they went.

That’s when the guy with the crop nudged his buddy and said, “Dude, we’ve got to get one of these!”

Then they disappeared into the store, but I noticed he didn’t put the crop back on the display. I wanted to encourage him to go for it and buy the crop, but I think he got all the encouragement he needed from those girls. And come to think of it, he looked pretty comfortable with that crop. Hmmm I wonder how it all worked out…

*Note: If you think you saw a version of this post yesterday, you did. We had a little technical glich yesterday and it got lost.*

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