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Absence Makes The Bottom Fonder?

Because of the recent developments in our life, Dan and I haven’t had any quality time together and that means that I haven’t had a good spanking in longer than I care to remember. It doesn’t help that he’s constantly teasing me about the spankings I’ve racked up and my new Christmas toys are hanging on the wall of our bedroom taunting me. This situation has caused my normal spanko greediness to escalate to a new high.

I know absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, but he’s not completely absent so my heart is doing okay; it’s my poor unspanked bottom that is aching for him more and more every day. I’m even willing to give that nasty whippy thing a try…I think. My greedy bottom is becoming greedier by the day so there’s no telling what I’ll be willing to try if I don’t get some spanking soon.

I’ve been watching spanking movie clips like that one in the previous post, reading stories, and shopping online to keep myself occupied. It’s the shopping online that’s going to get me in trouble. I keep seeing new and more interesting toys that my bottom thinks it needs. It’s definitely not my head that thinks I need it.

If I see an especially intriguing toy, my bottom will even tingle just a little bit. Evil toys make me tingle even more and in all the right places. I could really get in trouble if I’m not careful. Some of those toys seem to be calling my name and I keep going back to those sites to look them over just one more time.

As I look over those lovely implements, my bottom tingles as I begin to imagine how they’d feel, what kind of burn or sting they could produce, how red my bottom would get, and by then I’m practically drooling on my keyboard. Pretty soon my hand starts to reach for my wallet. That’s when I know it’s serious and I’m just a couple of clicks away from heaven or hell.

More than once I’ve had to jump up and move away from the computer before I did something my bottom might regret. Temptation is an evil thing. My greedy bottom seems to like evil though so that’s a huge problem.

I really shouldn’t complain though, I know eventually the time will come and Dan will take care of my lack of spankings. He’s as bad off as I am right now. We’re both anxious for some quality time together and it could get quite intense when it finally happens. I still have those sixty strokes to look forward to as well as the new toys to break in.

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for? I’m wishing hard, and I really hope they’re right!

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