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Sorry, I haven’t had any momentus spankings to report, but we’ve sort of fallen into a nice, comfortable spanko routine around here. That’s due partially to the fact that I had an inner ear infection that put a damper on the quick tosses over Dan’s knee that’s normally a part of our daily interaction.

Any quick movement sent my head spinning which made going over his knee a new and very unsettling experience. We worked around it though so I haven’t been missing out on any good spanks. Which is a good thing because having that infection was bad enough, if I hadn’t been getting my regular spanks, I’d have been a very unhappy gal.

Since the spankings have been short and to the point, I’ve seen quite a bit of that evil rubber spatula and the stingy little wooden oar. Dan even pulled out that nasty loopy cane paddle. I did some serious whining about that thing coming out to play. Not that it mattered!

Oh well, at least I can’t complain about my bottom not getting enough attention.

Also, since I’ve been inside a lot, I’ve been playing with my images again. I made stickers and magnets with the image above for some of my Den friends for the prize packages. That just got me started so between playing with those and doing lots of online Soduko puzzles, I’ve been keeping myself occupied.

I figure once I’m totally healthy I’ll be back with a really good spanking to relate. Right now we’re just taking it easy though. Although I’m not so sure you can really call it easy when that nasty loopy cane paddle is still in the toy bag!

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