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Dan and I have both been busy with pet projects lately and I just haven’t had much time for blogging, I’m sorry to say. Things just keep rolling along and every once in a while I look up and ask, “What day is this?” Then I about fall over when I realize another week has gotten away from me.

The one thing we have made time for is us. We’ve taken the time for dinners out, movies, and long walks. I love walking with my sweetie and those walks have been so nice. We’ve been going at different times but I have to say, I love the evening and nighttime walks the best.

I love the nighttime here best anyway, it’s so fresh and clear then. There’s none of the hustle and bustle of the daytime. It’s like a different place.

There’s been the usual every day spankings, nothing too epic to report. It’s such a part of our normal routine that I don’t think to mention it. Besides, it’d get boring fast.

For example, yesterday I got spanked with a Jokari paddle and the rubber spatula. Both spankings burned my bottom and made me hop around a bit, but nothing real exciting. I think both times I was getting ready to walk out the door so it was just a quickie.

See? We’ve become boring spankos. Or is that what happens sometimes when you settle down and get happy with someone? At least if we’re going to become less exciting, I can rely on the regularity of the spankings. I suppose if I wasn’t getting any spankings at all, I’d be upset, but as it is, I’m just happy.

I know, it’s weird. I’ve never been consistently blissful like this before. It’s always there just under the surface of things, bubbling up every so often to remind me how happy I am. I giggle at the oddest times. It’s very strange, but I like it so I’m not complaining; just explaining.

I’m sure we’ll be getting up to something exciting and momentus enough to blog about soon, but for now, we’re just coasting along. I know, I’ve said we’re going to do something exciting for a while now. Exciting is good, I know that, but right now, this is pretty awesome, too.

Don’t give up on me though, I’m still here. I may just have to start posting more about spanko life in general though. How about some pretty pictures or my latest shopping finds? I’m always finding something worth mentioning! Plus I have a couple of animations I’ve been working on for fun. I’ll think of something, I always do. *wink*

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