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Where did the time go???

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summertime lounging

Time has just slipped away from me. Let me see, what did I do this summer? Not much really!

I walked on some beaches, I went out on a couple of adventures, I did some exploring, I watched some sunsets, and I was pretty much about as relaxed as I could get. I also did as much of that with Dan as possible. Life’s been good.

I even learned how to play Suduko. Big mistake. But that’s another story.

On the spanking front, I’m pretty sure the evil rubber spatula needs to meet a terrible end. I daydream about the day it “accidently” falls onto one of the stove burners when it’s on its highest setting and is burned beyond repair. Or gets bumped into the trash bag as it goes out the door. Or thrown out the window when a certain someone isn’t looking. Or…ahem. Maybe I should keep those thoughts to myself?

I just wish Dan would quit talking about going to “spatula city” for a long visit. I really, really do!

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