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Spanking The Time Away

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Tiger Tails Whip

Have I mentioned this toy? This pic is of the tails of the Stockroom’s Tiger Tails Whip, which is one of the more interesting sensation toys we have. See the ends there? There’s four of them and they’re about 10″ long. Those lovelies can be quite stingy!

The folks who wrote up this toy knew what they were talking about when they mentioned that the tails would leave marks but not cut. I wonder if they tried it out to make sure? Hmmm…now that would be an interesting job.

Before I get lost in spanko fantasy land, I should tell you how I know about those marks. The other night Dan and I were being frisky and he chose the Tiger Tails to start the fun. He had me kneel on the bed with my hands on my head. I was naked, of course, so that gave him complete access to my boobs. Dan really likes that pose…a lot!

So there I was, all perked up and waiting on my knees, and Dan began whipping my breasts with those tails. Wow! Those tails can bite! I guess that’s why they call them Tiger Tails, huh?

Anyway, Dan would do some whipping, do some caressing, and then step back to admire the marks. Unlike my bottom, my breasts mark easily and well. They’re also quite a bit more sensitive so I wasn’t surprised to see small red lines appearing across them.

One of the things that make breast play intense for me is that I can see what’s going on. Unless we have mirrors (and we usually don’t), I can’t see what goes on during a spanking. I don’t usually see the spanks coming or the result immediately after. When Dan spanks my boobs, I see it coming as well as the impression it leaves. I think that heightens the experience for me. It definitely keeps me focused on what’s going on!

Dan obviously enjoyed the experience and he promised we’d do more of that another time. He was ready to move on to the bottom smacking portion of the evening. That was awfully good, too. There were quite a few toys involved and when it was over, my bottom was good and hot. Just the way I like it! Yummmm!

We’ve been playing as usual, I just haven’t had a chance to blog about it. It seems like it’s been one thing or another lately that’s kept me running. Sorry, about that, folks! The days are getting shorter and eventually I’ll settle down and write about the fun we’ve been having. We’re still spanking it up so no worries there. You can bet that Dan’s still keeping me on my toes, or knees, as the situation warrants. *wink*

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