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Hard To Forget Spanking

We had a memorable spanking session Wednesday night followed by an equally memorable love making session and I’m still feeling the after effects. My bottom is very tender which is just the way I like it, but it’s also just starting to get that itchy feeling that drives me crazy! Oh noes.

I blame the itchiness on the vigorous spanking Dan ( gave me as well as certain implements he used. I especially blame the lexan paddle. Or maybe it was the Vermont bath brush. It could have also been the rubber paddle. Aw heck, it was probably all of them since they were all used so thoroughly on my bottom.

I also blame the fact that my spankings lately have been short and sweet. You’d think that would be enough to keep my bottom in shape, but obviously it’s not. I blame my tough bottom for that. It needs a lot of spanking to keep it in tip top shape. That’s my theory anyway.

Dan obviously thinks so, too, considering that spanking I got!

The whole thing started when we began sorting out our toys for reorganization. Dan can’t handle a toy without wanting to use it on my bottom, which means he was sorting out the toys while I was on the bed with my bottom up in the air for testing purposes.

Dan would pick up a toy, look it over, and then try it out on my eager bottom. I have to admit, some toys I was more eager about than others, but I figured you have to take the good with the bad. Some are so bad, they’re evil. The aluminum cane is evil…totally evil. Also, very memorable.

The testing phase of the evening went on until we’d sorted through all the toys and my bottom was feeling slightly tenderized. Dan picked out a few favorites and set them aside so they’d be handy. We then took a break for a drink before getting down to business.

First, Dan took me over his knee for a warmup with the bath brush. He followed that up with some brisk hairbrush spanking that had me whimpering in no time. That hairbrush packs a lot of sting!

Then he had me lie face-down on the bed with two pillows under my hips so my bottom made a very spankable target. Dan used quite a few of our toys and after a bit, I lost track of which ones he’d used. He’d give me a few swats with a heavy paddle, then use a toy like one of the whips or a riding crop for sting. He really likes those heavy paddles because he says they really get my attention. I think a two foot long acrylic paddle is likely to get almost anyone’s attention!

I did a lot of whining during the spanking, but that was nothing compared to the complaining I began when he attached a couple of clothespins to my tender bits. Dan attached one clothespin to one pussy lip and then another to the opposite side.

At first I squeaked and then I got much louder when he began spanking me again. Each spank caused the pins to brush against the bed under me and that wasn’t a sensation I was used to. It didn’t help that he’d reach down and play with them every swat or so.

Btw, how do you handle all those clothespins, Kaya???

Eventually Dan took the clothespins off and I remembered why they’re so much fun. Owwww! Geez. It almost makes you want to put them back on….but then sanity returns.

After a little more paddling and whipping, Dan finally rolled me over and had his way with me. I loved every minute of it. It was so good I almost didn’t mind when he remembered his clothespins and clipped them to my nipples. I think he just likes the way I buck and yelp when he does that.

I guess after all of that, it’s no surprise my bottom is a bit tender now. I’m kinda hoping it’ll last. If not, I may have to suggest we reorganize the toy box again. *wink*

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