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Spanking New Spatulas

spanking new spatulas

While visiting my favorite craft store (the same one where I got the big paddle), I found these goodies. They were just hanging there, looking pretty and innocent in a bright, cheery display.

I looked them over and upon seeing that they were made of silicone, I thought, “Oh, these won’t be evil at all, not like that horrid rubber spatula.”

I couldn’t have been more wrong! How could such innocent looking spatulas be so mean? They have a nice soft exterior butI failed to notice the solid material that’s inside each utensil. It turns out that makes these toys not so nice after all. Ack!

Dan bent me over the arm of the sofa, began trying them out on my bottom, and I immediately realized my mistake. Since they’re so light, he was able to land quick, burning spanks easily.

In no time, I realized he was setting my bottom on fire, and I began kicking and doing my best to go all the way over the arm of the sofa. Wrong move! All that did was get my bottom even further up in the air and put my sit spot in perfect target range for Dan. Owie!

It wasn’t a long spanking, but it was long enough! I felt a lingering burn and I had a couple of sore spots for quite a while and I seriously wondered how long it was going to last.

I was enjoying the after effects as usual, so I had to wonder, what would a serious spanking with those things be like?

I had an internal argument with myself as I pondered that question. “No, that was bad. Yes, but in that good way. No, my bottom really burns! Mmmmm, yeah, it does…yummmm!”

The greedy bottom part of my mind won that argument. It’s funny how that happens.

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