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My Spanko Workshop

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I’ve been restless these last few days, and when I wasn’t out, I was busy in my little spanko workshop. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a workshop, but it sounds better than my little spanko worktable.

First, I made myself a cute sleep shirt.

spank me sleep shirt

I’m not sure how much sleeping I’ll get to do in it, but it’s long and comfy so I can just lounge around the house in it. Dan will take it as a hint, of course, so I’ll have to be careful to only wear it when I want a spanking. I should probably make more of these shirts so I don’t wear this one completely out.

Making the shirt was fun but then I lost my crazy crafty mind and decided to do something about that plain wooden paddle of ours. You know, that really big one I love so much.


big studded paddle

I added studs!

studded paddle closeup

Here’s another pic in case you wanted a close up. Isn’t it great? At least that was what I was thinking at the time. Uh-huh. Sure.

I thought that right up until Dan gave me a few strokes with the new and improved giant paddle. Yeowch! It definitely adds some zing to the normal swat. Dan was kind enough to try both sides so I could compare the sensations. I can enthusiastically report that the studs give the paddle extra stinging power! Yay, me.


I have a spanking story to tell…

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But I’ve been awfully busy working on another project. I’ve got most of the details already written, I have to do that or I can’t keep them straight, now I need to put them together into a readable post. Otherwise it’d resemble a very strange shopping list; hand – lots, nettles – 4, hand – yum, rubber paddle – ouch, also outraged. It just goes on and on like that.

For more entertainment, you could go look at the beginnings of what I’ve done at Our Kinky Blog. I’ve still got lots of work to do on it, but I did post a really interesting essay on nettles there. I was looking for information and I found that and more at Very interesting stuff there!

As for my nettle experience Saturday, it was very stimulating but I’ll post about that later. How’s that for a tease? *wink*


The New Spanking Regime Goes On…

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Large delrin cane

Before I begin describing the rest of our Friday night adventure, I thought I’d answer some questions. For the curious, here’s some information about the delrin cane Dan has been spanking me with; it’s 30 inches long, 11 mm thick, and it’s made of an extremely durable plastic. Here’s a closeup so you can see more details. And, yes, that ruler does have the Golden Rule printed on it. That rule doesn’t always apply in this household though, which is fine by me.

delrin cane closeup

This large delrin cane is flexible but heavy so it delivers a very thuddy stroke. I prefer this cane to our rattan cane because of the thud factor. The effect is a deep, burning thud. Our thinner delrin canes can really leave a stinging sensation so it’s a toss up between them and the rattan. It’s one line of fire versus another and I really can’t decide which is better. In case you’re interested, Dan bought our delrin canes from Prysm Creations and you can find them here.

So that’s the delrin cane that’s been making quite an impression on me. I’m sorry to say that my tough bottom has resisted being marked long enough for me to get a picture of the marks though. It’s ridiculous.

I guess I’ve been getting spanked for so many years (don’t ask) that my bottom has become extremely resistent to marking. Dan spanks me and spanks me, and I’m lucky if my bottom gets even a little blush. He says he can feel the heat radiating from my bottom, but otherwise, there’s very little to go by. It’s a good thing he doesn’t go by color only.

After I made that post Friday night, I went and changed into a little white tennis skirt and my “I ‘heart’ spankings” pink tshirt. I wanted to make sure the mood was right, after all. Then I went into his office, told Dan I was ready when he was, grabbed a spanking movie, and got it set up. I was bent over in front of the tv putting in the movie when Dan walked in and complimented me on the view. The little skirt had ridden up over my bottom-most cheeks exposing them and the lacy pink thong I was wearing.

With the mood set, it didn’t take much encouragement before I was agreeing to a spanking plan for the movie. Dan thought three strokes before the movie, three strokes halfway through, and three strokes after the movie was acceptable. They were going to be hard strokes, too. That was a compromise btw. He’d suggested less strokes but at full strength. I had to do some serious bargaining to get to nine hard strokes.

Ummm…I’m starting to think my bargaining skills are lacking. But considering my very sore bottom, I decided to go for more strokes at less intensity.

I’d gone a few hours without a spanking so I wasn’t too concerned as I placed myself over the sofa arm for the first three strokes. My skirt went over the sofa with me so my bottom was bared for the cane and ready. I knew I was still sore but it wasn’t until Dan began his aiming taps on my bottom that I realized just how sore I was. If I could feel the taps…uh-oh.

The first stroke landed on the lower part of my bottom and I squealed as I beat my hands against the sofa cushions. Yeowch! That one burned deep. I was just getting used to that stroke when the second one landed. It was so close to the other that it just set that entire area ablaze. I kicked my feet and gyrated myself further over the sofa arm. Big mistake as the strokes were moving further down as Dan went and that put my sit spot directly in the strike zone.

The third stroke landed across the crease between my bottom and thigh with the tip striking my upper thigh. I did a lot of yelping and rubbing as I leaped up and hopped around in front of the sofa. Satisfied, Dan suggested we get the movie going. Oh, goody, I’d get to sit down.

The sofa is soft though so it wasn’t too ouchie to sit. We started the movie and did our usual running commentary as it moved along. It was a little slow going at first with one of those long drawn-out hand spankings that don’t seem to do anything. It was pat, pat, pat, followed by fake moaning. Dan threatened that if that guy in the movie didn’t start doing some real spanking soon he’d have to start spanking me to make up for it. I was about to get worried when the pace finally picked up.

When we reached the halfway mark of the movie, we decided it was time for our spanking break. Over the sofa arm I went again, bare bottom up and ready. I was a little concerned but I figured my tough bottom could handle it. I was more than willing after all.

The first stroke was a definite bun burner and I bucked my hips up and down over that sofa arm trying to put out the fire. Dan told me to be still for the next one so I settled down. I sure didn’t want a stroke that was off the target.

Tap, tap, tap…fire. That’s when the begging started. I tried to bargain my way out of the last stroke, but I finally decided I could do it. I’m tough and I knew once the initial fire died down, the after burn would be worth it. I settled down and presented my bottom for the third stroke. It was a good one, too!

I grabbed my bottom, rubbed, squealed, and behaved like any well-spanked bottom does. Eventually I eased my way back onto the sofa and we started the movie again. In between movie related comments, I started my bargaining technique again. I didn’t have much luck with that because Dan slipped his fingers into my thong and discovered how wet I was.

I might have been pleading and trying to get out of that caning, but the truth was that I was enjoying my incredibly sore bottom. I can’t help it; the harder my bottom is spanked, the wetter I get. Once my bottom is sore, I can’t get enough.

Luckily for my poor left cheek, Dan did decide to change sides to give my right cheek a break from the tip of the cane. It sounded good to me! I’m always for spreading the joy.

The movie eventually ended and I bent over the back of another chair to give Dan access to my other side. I gripped the side of the chair tightly and waited for the first stroke. After measuring the stroke, Dan pulled back and landed the cane low across my bottom. That was the most spanked part of my bottom so that stroke seared across my bottom. I rose up on my tiptoes and hissed, trying not to get out of position.

I know the next two strokes weren’t as hard as the others, but they still burned deep and intense. For just a moment, I thought I was home-free, but I was mistaken.

Dan took me right back to the sofa arm, pushed me over, and began paddling me with that leather paddle again. I immediately began begging him to stop using that paddle which was the wrong thing to say. He agreed and informed me if I didn’t want the paddle then I must want the hairbrush. I’d forgotten the brush was there by his chair. Oh crap!

It wasn’t a long spanking, but he didn’t hold back either. I was practically dancing across that sofa’s arm. At some point, when Dan was satisfied with his work, we moved into the bedroom. We made intense love that was heightened by my sore bottom and the cocobola clamps that were firmly attached to my nipples. With Dan’s every thrust, those heavy clamps bounced and swayed, pulling my pinched nipples even more. Every move also kept me very aware of my sore, throbbing bottom. Dan even said he could feel my hot bottom against him. Hot, hot, hot!

*sigh* That was Friday night and I haven’t even gotten to our play on Saturday. You know, I argued against starting Dan’s New Regime for months, sure I wouldn’t enjoy the experience. Now that we’ve tried it, I think I might enjoy it after all. I just hope Dan doesn’t get tired trying to keep my bottom sore. That is his goal and I’m in full support of it! How could I not support that?

Sunday was declared No Spanking Sunday which sort of worked, but I’m still behind one day with the spanking details since I didn’t get to Saturday here. Tomorrow is another day though, it’s time for bed for now.


Spanked out of my shoes!

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my house shoes

These were my favorite house shoes. Emphasis on the “were.” I don’t know if you can see it well enough to make out that the bunny on the shoe had a lip print on his butt. They were perfect for me!

The blowout you see in the picture happened earlier when Dan pushed me over the sofa arm and gave me a hard spanking with that Leather Thorn paddle in the picture. My feet had been planted to stabilize me but I must have dug in really hard as the paddling got started.

It was a really hard, fast spanking, too. I remember shoving my face down into the sofa cushions and kicking my feet wildly as the spanking really got going. I managed to kick off both house shoes but I had no idea as my bottom was my only concern. My poor, burning bottom!

Once Dan let me up, I reached back and grabbed my butt with both hands and began hopping around the living room. That’s all I could do, hold my hot bottom and hop up and down. Dan enjoyed the show anyway!

After I stopped hopping, I noticed my shoes and went to pick them up. That’s when I noticed something was wrong with one of them. It was completely blown out. The sole had ripped and the insides had come out. It looks better in the picture than it did originally. I tried to shove it back together but no luck. Wah.

I guess that means it’s time to go shopping! I’d better be careful though. That could be dangerous right now since Dan believes in pre-shopping spree spankings. He says it cuts down on over-spending. I have to admit shopping with a throbbing bottom does keep me in mind of him, but I hate to admit his system works.

Right now, my bottom is throbbing without the extra pre-shopping spanking. Dan has spanked me hard every day since Monday and my bottom is beginning to get pretty darn tender. Dan’s calling this the new regime. I’d complain but I’m enjoying the tenderness at the moment. My idea of tenderness in a relationship is so different from my vanilla pals! Heh.

To get that special feeling of tenderness I need lots of spanking and Dan’s been quite dedicated to keeping me that way. I admit it’s not easy to get there though. During the actual spanking, I’m usually kicking, squealing, and begging him to stop. Dan doesn’t believe in soft spankings so most of my spankings are hard. No matter how hard the spanking is though, I don’t really want him to stop. It’s just that, as we all know, spankings hurt! I can’t always help myself.

This week my bottom has been thoroughly spanked with a variety of implements but certain implements got special use on different days. Dan started the week on Monday by using several implements to give me a thorough spanking. He concentrated on using the heavy acrylic paddle Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday that Leather Thorn paddle made its appearance and today the big delrin cane joined the party. At some point today I even got spanked with a heavy wooden back scratcher and a small, thick wooden cutting board. Ouch.

Have I mentioned my bottom is sore? OMG! And the night’s not over. We have plans for later. It’s going to be good. The truth is, I need to have a completely sore bottom sometimes. It just feels so good. Yum! Luckily I have the right man for the job. Dan’s dedicated, I tell you!

It’s almost time so I think I’ll go change into something that’ll leave no doubt as to what I’m after tonight. I just need to figure out which of those short, short skirts shows off my assests the best. *grin*


Acrylic Paddle Update

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The theater Dan and I went to last night is an older one and doesn’t have the most comfortable seats on a normal night. On a night when sitting on a tenderized bottom, it was downright hostile at times. I spent a lot of time readjusting myself trying to find a comfortable position.

It seemed just when I’d found a good spot to sit on and I’d get into the movie, my once forgotten sore bottom would start to develop a burning sensation. It would just be a little burn at first but quickly it’d become serious and I’d have to shift yet again. I really should have taken a pillow with me!

If I thought my poor bottom would get a break today, I was wrong. The day has barely started and I’ve already gotten twenty swats with that evil acrylic paddle. That was two separate spankings of ten swats each time. I yelped and pleaded during the paddlings but it seems my body didn’t seem to agree with me, both spankings left me warm and wet…and giddy.

I decided to take a peek just to see how red my bottom just had to be but this is all I saw.

my not at all red but very sore bottom

I couldn’t believe it! It’s hot, it’s sore, but it’s not the flaming red I just knew it had to be. No wonder Dan keeps spanking me, my bottom doesn’t look like it’s hardly been spanked at all. Grrrr!

I guess that means I really should be on my best behavior. You’d think I’d be on my best behavior anyway after twenty swats. Twenty hard swats that left my bottom hot and aching…and….and…ummm…ummmm. What was I complaining about?

Okay, so I’ve already flaunted my bottom in Dan’s face once and then I put on a little sundress I know he likes because my bottom is so accessible when I’m wearing it. That’s why I got my the first two spankings btw. I think that paddle is more distraction than deterent.

I really should try to calm down and get some work done today. My throbbing bottom is distracting me though! Aaagh! I’m going to get in so much trouble, I can feel it coming. Ohhh, it’s going to be a long day, a very, very long day! Oh my!


What was I thinking??

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This will be quick as we’re about to go to a movie. A movie I’m looking forward to seeing but not looking forward to sitting down for. You see, I bought a nice big acrylic paddle on Ebay and Dan spanked me with it earlier.

Now I’ve got a very tender bottom and I just can’t imagine what I was thinking when I bought it. It’s huge! And heavy! And burns! And burns!

When I was bottom up getting soundly paddled with it, I complained and whimpered but it didn’t do any good. Especially since Dan was kind enough to point out that I bought it so I must have wanted it.

Acrylic? What was I thinking? I’m sure I’ll have lots of time to wonder that during the movie. *griin*


The Nettles Are Growing!

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Eeek! Dan noticed his nettles were growing so fast that he needed to do a little pruning. That meant he finally had an excuse to pull out a few of them for experimentation. Let me just say now that while I’m not always a fan of experimentation when I’m the guinea pig, I try to be a good sport. I never know when something new and scary might become my favorite new obsession.

Dan picked a small sprig and lightly rubbed the length of it along the back of my hand. I was surprised by how quickly it began to sting and how much sting there was to it. Yeah, I know, they’re called “stinging” nettles, but I wasn’t expecting that much sensation!

After just a little while, besides the increasing sting I noticed little bumps developing. That’s when I began to squawk and complain. I wanted Dan to make the stinging stop but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. I was not a happy camper. But at least Dan got a chuckle out of it.

I wish I could say I loved the nettles so much that I can’t wait until they’re full grown and ready for action…but I’m still trying to decide. I’ve been wondering if used in the middle of a play session I might have a different impression of the nettles. Supposedly the plan is to use them on my bottom and maybe on my boobies. Maybe. I just never know how my body is going to react.

This may be one of those plans that you just have to put into acting in order to really know for sure. I may have to just let Dan try.

I can’t believe I just typed that. Eeek!

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