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My Lovely Birthday Spanking

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my rose paddle

I forgot to tell y’all about my birthday spanking! It was lovely. Yummmm…I’ll have to make it quick though. I’m on the run today!

My entire birthday was wonderful and a perfect lead in for my spanking. We went out for a relaxing dinner so I could have my favorite meal and then went home for dessert and wine. It was all wonderful so I was in the best mood when we finally moved into our bedroom and got down to business.

Dan gave me a nice warmup with his hand, doing his usual thorough job of spanking my entire bottom. Then, as promised, he brought out my favorite rose paddle. While Dan spanked, I counted the spanks. It was perfect. He spanked slowly and rubbed my bottom every few spanks which made the experience oh so sensual and he sent me right into spanko heaven.

I’m not sure how I kept up with the count and after a while, I didn’t care. My bottom was warm from the spanking and I was getting that lovely tingling sensation with every spank. It almost made me wish I was a little older so the spanking could just keep on going! Almost. *wink*

Once we reached the magic number, we were quick to follow up the spanking with some rather passonate love making. I’d give you details but I sort of got caught up in the heat of the moment and my version would be a bit incoherent I’m afraid. *Big grin*

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