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Nipple Pump Pictures

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We had a lovely play session that started with some stimulating nipple pump play. I’m exhausted from all the fun but I wanted to post a few of the pics before I stumbled off to bed. I’ll be back with a report later, enjoy the pics for now.

Here’s my nipple in the cylinder getting a bit of a twist. Yeowch!

nipple pump twist

A little more suction and things got a little juicy.

nipple pump juicy

It definitely pumped my nipples up!

nipple pump results

The other results were also interesting.

nipple pump results 2

Okay, that’s not all the pics but those will have to wait until I can explain it all. Right now, I’m off to bed!


I got that awesome Hairbrush Paddle!

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Hairbrush Paddle - Adam & Gillian

That’s right, I got it despite all the warnings! Here it is, the Hairbrush Paddle from Adam and Gillian’s Sensual Whips and Toys. I have to tell ya, it’s a real bun burner!

We got the larger size which their site describes it as “Severe” and they aren’t kidding. I have a pretty tough bottom but this paddle is highly effective and after a good paddling, my bottom is hot and red enough for even my color-challenged Dan to see. The spanking this paddle delivers is tough to take, but when Dan gives me a sound spanking with it, it leaves me deliciously sore so it’s worth it.

It’s our favorite paddle right now. It’s got the favored spot next to his easy chair so it’s been getting a lot of use. Dan loves that it gets my attention and turns my bottom to that healthy red glow he wants to see and I love the lasting burn. I love a lasting burn, you know.

What’s extra nice is that Dan had Adam and Gillian add padding to one side.

hairbrush paddle padded side

It feels nice when Dan rubs it over my bottom between sets of spanks. Of course, he likes to tease me by lulling me into a false sense of security and just when I’m all relaxed and enjoying the rubbing, he’ll suddenly start spanking again. I can go from lying limply across his lap, practically purring, to suddenly squealing and kicking in just seconds.

Dan keeps threatening to tie me up so he can really give me a good spanking without all the fuss but I’m not exactly on board with that idea. I like making a little fuss anyway. Just a little at least.

For now, he’s keeping that paddle handy for fun. I actually think he’s using it to keep me out of his favorite chair. We have a rule that I don’t get to sit in it without asking first. It’s mainly because he’s not fond of the overstuffed chairs that I have furnished the living room with so he likes having his chair available. It’s a reasonable rule but I sometimes forget and before I know it, I find myself lounging in his big comfy chair without permission. Then I get caught.

It’s funny though, Dan never seems upset that I’m in his chair. In fact, he almost seems downright gleeful about it. Hmph.

Once I’m caught, he makes me bend over the chair (not nice because I like the chair) and spanks me with this paddle. Dan usually plans to give me six swats but I can’t seem to stay in position and I always end up getting more.

I can’t help it! That paddle is a scorcher and by the fourth swat I’ve managed to either get out of position or I’ve wiggled myself over the side of the chair. Either way, he makes me get back in position and he starts over. I think I actually managed to get just ten swats one day. Yay for me.

I’m learning though! I was just about to flop right down in his chair today when I saw that paddle on the table right next to it and I stopped in mid-flop. Then I had to debate with myself if it was worth it or not. I eventually decided to be good and moved over to another chair.

Not that it mattered. I swear, not half an hour later, I found myself over Dan’s knee getting paddled with the hairbrush paddle anyway. Why? Just because he wanted to spank me. I guess I wanted to get spanked, too, because after heating my bottom up quite nicely, Dan let me go and after furiously rubbing my bottom for a few seconds, I went right back over for more. More than once, actually. *grin*

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