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Just when I thought my bottom was safe

Here’s the story, I had a marvelous weekend full of indulgence and fun only to return home feeling a little under the weather. I saw a doctor on Monday who prescribed some big pills, a careful diet, and lots of rest. I can do that, especially the resting part. I’m a spoiled gal anyway so lounging about at home is easy. Easy! Uh-huh. Not a problem.

One hitch. I think that if I’m so sick that I need all this rest and medication, then I must be too sick to spank. I mean, come on! My doctor prescribed rest, and getting spanked is just the opposite of resting. But, of course, Dan doesn’t agree. According to him, if I’m well enough to do X, Y, or Z, then I’m well enough to spank. Hmph!

Dan’s already threatened to let me have a quick chat with the alligator. You remember the alligator, don’t you?

alligator paddle

He bites, I tell you! Well, actually both Dan and the alligator bite, but that’s another story. *wink*

I guess this means I’ll have to behave myself, after all. I’m actually not that sick, so I’m thankful for that. I just wanted a free pass for a couple of days. Can you imagine the mischief I’d get into? It’d be awesome. I could go crazy on Ebay (that’s where I got some of my easy open bloomers for those of you who wondered about that), run up my phone bill, play computer games until the middle of the night, not do any housework, let the laundry pile up to my ears…wait, that may not be too different from any other week. Heh.

Hmph again! Dan wandered in to see if I’d done what he told me to earlier and I had. Of course, I had. Still, I couldn’t resist singing, “I’m too sick to spank, I’m too sick to spank,” a few times for his benefit. Didn’t work though.

“You just keep telling yourself that,” he told me. He said it rather cheerfully, I might add. I think he also had that evil gleam in his eye, too. Hmph!

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