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Now what have I done???

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stinging nettles

Remember my nettle experience? I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Dan’s crop of nettles died a slimy death as he recounted here on his blog. That was all about a year ago and we haven’t had a chance since then to revisit the subject, until recently.

It seems that I had a bout of temporary insanity recently. That often happens right after a really good spanking; the afterglow from a sore bottom makes me extra crazy kinky. Well, during that bout of insanity, I ordered some stinging nettle plant starters. I had no idea what I was doing in so many ways but I did it anyway. It was crazy!

Then, just to make sure I didn’t lose my nerve, I told Dan ahead of time that the plants were coming. I told him I wanted to let him know so he’d be ready for them when they arrived. I kept telling myself, “It’s going to be fun! Woo-hoot!” I really had to keep telling myself that, too.

Some sensible part of my brain kept trying to nudge me with some sort of logical argument against putting that sort of thing in Dan’s hands and what the outcome was sure to be, but as usual, other parts of me drowned that argument out by saying, “Yeah, that’s the whole point, stupid! Now go away so we can have some fun over here.” That was followed by a loud raspberry at which point the logical part of my brain gave up, mumbled something about not to come crying to it when things went badly, and the butterflies in my stomach started dancing again. Spank lust wins again!

Things then proceeded as planned. Dan bought the plant stuff, the starters arrived, they were planted as directed, and now we’re waiting. There’s one set in a planter right under the window were I have my computer set up. I can watch it grow right from my desk. I do sneak glances at it once in a while, which makes me wonder about the positioning of the planter, but so far, not much is happening. I know, these things take time. But I’m not the most patient gal.

I keep waiting for this thing to sprout and it gives me lots of time to wonder, fret, and anticipate. On the one hand I’m thinking, “Dang it, grow!” On the other hand, I remind myself that they are stinging nettles after all, and I think, “Now what have I done?” Then about a second later, as I ponder the “stinging” description and I remember how they felt…ohhhh yeah… I’m back to “Dang it, grow, you little beasties!”

It can be complicated being this kinky. *wink*


It’s raining spanks and there’s another type of shower on the way!

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It seems I’m not the only one who ended the spanking drought lately; Angelbrat got a much awaited spanking of her own last week! Woo-hoot! Looks like things are looking up for my good friend who has a lot going on in her life right now. In case you hadn’t heard yet, Angelbrat is pregnant and due to have her new bundle of joy in about sixty days!

I’m so happy for her and I thought what a shame it was that despite being such good friends, I couldn’t be more involved in welcoming her baby. That is one of the downsides to this sort of interaction. Here we all are, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings, but not really able to do something more concrete most of the time. Then I thought, I may not be able to be involved in her baby shower in person, but why couldn’t I do something that could include myself as well as her other online friends? So I contacted her and got her permission to try something.

Here’s your invitation:

Angelbrat\'s shower

When is it? It’s Tuesday evening (updated time) and running for as long as possible. She still has a couple of months to go so you have time to get there. When it’s time, Angelbrat will make on post on her blog so keep an eye out for it.

Where is it? At Angelbrat’s place for convenience. Besides, can you imagine me trying to host a baby shower here? I have too many nudes and other adult stuff hanging around the place. *wink*

Anyway, come by and give the soon-to-be mom a little love. Also, if you are so inclined, there is a lovely pink “Gift” button that will allow you to show a little love in a more concrete way. It’s not easy to send a cake made of diapers over the internet so I’m going with the button. Heh.

While you’re there, read her post from Friday about her big spanking. I’m so happy for her!


Now that I’ve been well spanked…

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bread board and spoon

All is good in the world! Woo-hoot! I got one heck of a spanking last night and I am sitting on a very sore bottom even as I type this. No complaints from me though; I *like* sitting on a sore bottom. It’s yummy.

See that picture? That is my new bread board I bought at Walmart (it’s part of the Paula Deen line) along with one of our kitchen spoons to give you an idea of size. The bread board is 18″ x 6″ and is 3/4″ thick. It’s a hefty and solid tool that I was thrilled to find while shopping recently. When I see something like this board, I go immediately into spanko lust and I have to buy it. Lucky for me, most of these items are pretty cheap. Or rather, lucky for my bottom, I should say.

My lucky bottom got quite a spanking last night so it’s a good thing there wasn’t any budget issues to be dealt with. We were mainly just in dire need of some serious play time and we were both ready for some real action. Dan started it off with a little nipple strapping which had me squealing in no time. He used our smallest strap and when it lands right across my nipple, it drives me crazy. I hate it…but I love it. I don’t know why.

After paying both of my nipples lots of attention, Dan grabbed my newest hairbrush, bared my bottom, and began giving me one heck of a hairbrushing. He didn’t hold back at all and in no time at all, my bottom was on fire. Dan kept reminding me that it had been a while since I’d had a good spanking and I was well overdue. It seems he’d been holding back while I was sick, but he wasn’t holding back anymore! Ouchie!

Every once in a while when I thought my bottom couldn’t take anymore, I’d beg for a break and as soon as I thought he was stopping, I’d rear up and clutch my bottom. Then Dan would ask, “Did I say you could rub now?”

Before I could answer him, back over I went and the spanking continued…and continued…and continued. I got one bathroom break but as soon as I scurried back, I was bottoms up again for more of the hairbrush. I was beginning to wonder just how much my poor bottom could take when Dan finally announced he was ready to try the bread board. Huh?

I was a bit nervous about that board seeing as my bottom was already hot and throbbing from that awful hairbrush. Not that anyone asked me. I went over the arm of his chair which placed my bare bottom in perfect paddling range. Dan announced he was going to give me five good swats which I thought was a good number. That is until the first one landed. That paddle covered a lot more territory than the hairbrush and was quite a bit more solid. It burned my bottom something fierce and I yelped and kicked while thinking that it couldn’t get worse.

Then the second swat landed and it was harder than the first. I almost came completely off the arm of that chair until Dan reminded me that if I got out of position, we’d just start over. That thought got me right back over where I was supposed to be and he landed the next swat. That one caused me to squeal and dig my fingers into the arm of the chair across from me. I kept thinking that number five was right around the corner. That wasn’t much comfort though when the fourth swat landed.

That’s when Dan announced it was time for the fifth and final swat, and it was going to be the hardest yet. I knew those swats were getting harder and harder! Grrrr! I dug my nails into the fabric of his chair and relaxed my bottom as best I could. I still wasn’t ready for that final one though. I swear I can normally take five paddle swats like I champ, but after that hairbrush spanking, my poor bottom was completely tenderized. Once that last swat landed, I just grabbed my bottom and clutched it. I didn’t even bother jumping up and running away. I should have, but I didn’t.

As I leaned against his chair, I didn’t notice Dan coming back with the hairbrush but once he’d pushed me back over and began spanking me again, I knew that’s what he had. Ow, ow, owwww! I’m not even sure how much longer he spanked me because I was busy kicking and wiggling for all I was worth in an effort to get away from that awful hairbrush. It’s just awful.

I finally got so desperate that I yelled out, “Can I get something leather, please???”

Dan stopped soon after and asked if I wanted to move into the bedroom where the leather toys were and I was all for that. He, of course, had to bring the hairbrush along. Stupid hairbrush could go in the trash for all I care…but that’s another story. I was ready for some leather toys. I should have known better. I stripped off what was left of my clothes and laid face down on the bed with a couple of pillows under my hips so my bottom would be presented for spanking. Then I glanced over and which leather toy did he have? Not my pretty rose paddle or any of the other light stingy leather toys, nooooo! He had that huge, heavy Leather Thorn Strap.

Before I could even comment about that, he raised it up and brought it down on my hot, throbbing bottom, and he repeated that over and over again. I did a lot more kicking and squealing but it didn’t seem to slow Dan down a bit. Eventually he stopped, rubbed my bottom a little, and commented on how red and puffy it was. That’s when he changed toys and picked up the riding crop.

The riding crop is another evil entirely. Because its tip is small, it delivers sharp little biting spanks wherever it lands. Dan likes to land it everywhere because it isn’t heavy and it makes me yelp entertainingly when applied to tender bits; tender bits like my inner thigh, my nipples, and my most tender bits of all, my pussy. Its mean, I tell you. I guess it’s a good thing I like mean, huh?

Dan worked me over good with that riding crop. I was all over the place on that bed trying to escape it. Once my thighs had had enough, I’d wiggled off the pillows and onto my back which gave him access to my nipples and when I tried to wiggle away from that treatment, he somehow got between my legs and spread me wide open. That’s when he cropped my tenderest bits. He had me trapped so I couldn’t go anywhere. Oh man, did I squeal!

I don’t know how long he would have kept that up but he finally became distracted by my begging him to let me do nice things to him. Yeah, I distracted him by sucking his dick. Aren’t I clever? He was nice to me later so all’s well that ends well.

I have to say, that after our little drought, that was a lovely way to get back on track. We’re both happy, my bottom is sore, and we both love that. Dan says it’s easier to make his point with a quick spanking when my bottom is already sore. This is fine by me, as long as he keeps that awful hairbrush away from my bottom. That is one spanking I’m not going to forget for quite some time! Ouch!


My bottom is in trouble…

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new brush

It’s all my fault because I couldn’t pass up this lovely. How could I? As you can see, it’s a perfect hairbrush for spanking. Also, I’m feeling the need for a good spanking and when I feel that need, I can’t resist something like this. Btw, I found it at Target if anyone else is feeling the need for such a thing.

It has been a tough couple of months around here with my health issues putting a hold on so many of our regular activities. That meant no real play for us and that was especially hard to deal with. Now that I’m feeling frisky and my body is actually cooperating with me again, spanking should be right around the corner at last. This whole business with my health has sucked so it feels so good to feel right again. Finally!

I can even report that my new brush has had the desired effect; it both stings and thuds. Yum. We haven’t had a chance for more than a few quick spanks, but I think we both know it’s time for more…so much more! *grin*

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