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A little whipping, some good sex, and a lot of holiday cheer!

We were determined to get all our shopping done and be settled in as of last night, and somehow we pulled it off. Amazing, but true. So this morning when we woke up, we didn’t have anywhere to go and Dan had a small whip handy. It’s funny how that man always seems to have some sort of implement handy; you’d think we were kinky or something.

At first we were just snuggling, then he pulled out the whip and began to playfully whip my bottom and nipples while I alternated between squealing and giggling. After a bit, I was feeling all warm and tingly from the sting. That particular whip is wide at the base but tapers down to a stingy tip so it gives different sensations depending on which part of it lands where. One of the most intense sensations occurs when the tip of the whip lands directly on my nipple. Oh my! That’s a tingle that lasts and lasts. It also makes me squeal really loud which Dan likes for some reason.

All that whippy fun led to some very good sex. Yum. I love lounging in the bed with my honey!

Now I’m doing a little baking and wondering what my Santa has for me in those pretty packages under the tree. I mentioned I might have to sneak a peek, to which Dan suggested if I must be looking for a good strapping. I good strapping might be fun…but I decided I want to wait until tomorrow for my presents after all. Hey, I can be good if I try.

Since my timer for my pie is about to go off, I better wrap this up. I know this has been a lean year here on my blog, but not in my life, I’m happy to report. My real life here is better than I ever dreamed possible due to Dan and our life together. I’m continually amazed at how happy I am. Life is better than good and full of love, laughter, friends, and family. It all blends well but it does keep me busy.

Alright, I better go see to my baking now. I wish you all a happy holiday of whatever flavor you are celebrating!

Christmas pinup

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