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When Spanking is a “Sure Thing”

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sure thing spanking

How do I ensure that a good spanking is going to happen? I get this question a lot so I’m going to explain how I do it. I’m not one to leave these things to chance so I have my ways. (Btw, everyone has their own way of going about these things so I can only speak for myself here.) I state my desires, I set the scene, I obtain the tools, and I provide my willing bottom.

For instance, for my most recent spanking I did the following:

1) At some point in the day I mentioned I wanted a spanking and clapped my hands in gleeful anticipation.
2) I dressed up in my skimpy schoolgirl outfit, complete with cutesy socks that I bought for just this sort of occasion.
3) I gave him a lap dance and made sure my “Spank Me” panties were impossible to miss. (Panties in laundry, not in pic.)
4) Some time ago I had personally purchased the largest and heaviest of the paddles Dan used last night.
5) I also pointed out above mentioned evil paddle when he was looking in the toy bag.

The one thing I didn’t count on was probably the most obvious; schoolgirl outfits scream out for the cane. Yeah, yeah, I should know this by now, I know. I was too focused on that big ole paddle to think of that at the time. Dan didn’t miss that point though. But then again, the man never misses an opportunity to put that big, mean cane to use.

I did notice something though. When I was bent over the arm of his big easy chair, kicking and squealing while he applied cane stroke after cane stroke, I thought for once that big, evil paddle was going to be a welcome relief. And it was! After goodness knows how many cane strokes, when Dan switched to the big paddle, the thud felt soooo good. Instead of all those individual lines of fire, the big thuddy stroke of that paddle was just what I needed. Mmm-mmmm.

That was a big long spanking that left my bottom throbbing for hours and sore for days. I was barely able to sit the next day and pretty uncomfortable for a few days after that. I’m not complaining though. After all, that’s what I was going for using my “sure thing” plan. *grin*

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