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And then all hell broke loose…

Wouldn’t it figure? About the time I thought I wanted to start blogging again all hell broke loose around here. I mean, seriously, how does that happen? And most of it wasn’t even my fault. Heck, most of it wasn’t even about me, but the storm was swirling around me so fast I felt like Dorothy. I got through it but when it was over I didn’t even have the glittery red shoes to show for it. Darn the bad luck!

Anyway, I think it’s over. (I say, peering cautiously around me.) But now I have about a dozen projects calling my name. All I wanna do is play some computer games and eat chocolate but that won’t happen until I get some work done around here. I can’t even get a spanking at the moment because we’ve both had sinus infections and no one is quite up to par yet. Let me tell ya, we have some serious suckage going on around here. But we’re going to get better and then we’ll fix all of that. Then I’ll come back and tell y’all all about it. That’ll be much better than all this whining, huh? Heh.

On the upside, I bought new panties last night. Yay! The world always looks so much better after a good shopping trip, especially when extra cute panties are procured. *grin*

I’m ready for a new week to get started, let’s see if it’s ready for me!

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