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Spanking Good Surprise

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George Petty Pinup

We all know how crazy this time of year can be so I thought I’d do what I could in my little corner of the net and reach out to anyone who is looking for like-minded company to visit with. On SpankSeek I’ve opened up the chatroom for all registered users this weekend starting now and ending at Midnight Monday night. No matter what level of membership you have, you’ll have access to the chatroom and its features. If you’d like to join our little party, drop in and take a look around. You’ll even be able to view complete profiles so you can get to know who you’re chatting with.

Sound like fun? Hey, I’m all about fun, you know. Too bad about the four incisions that are keeping me from really having fun just at the moment. I’d say “Bah humbug!” but I’m actually too cheerful for that. That and Dan would give me something to really say “Bah humbug” about! Heh.

Well, actually he’d have to wait until my doc clears me completely. Until recently I thought I was good to go, getting away with all kinds of things and all that, but then Dan had to go and inform me he’s keeping score. What? You can’t keep score on a sick person. Isn’t that part of the healing process? Letting me get away with all kinds of things? I mean, really, I’m recovering. Shouldn’t I be allowed to get away with all sorts of hijinks? Now that I think about it, I may have to say “Bah humbug” after all!

Or not. I really have been missing out on a lot of good spanking fun due to this medical interruption now that I think of it. Hmph. Now I’ve gone and confused myself again. Do I want a spanking? Do I not want a spanking? Actually, I think I want a spanking but I want it on my terms. Spoiled much? Yeah, I just might be now. *wink*

Until I have something more to offer on the personal spanking front, here’s a little story for your amusement.

Holiday Spanking Surprise

“What could be more festive than a red, cheery bottom? Not only does it glow so brightly, but it helps keep you warm on cold days like this.”

Paul sounded quite smug as he made this comment, but why shouldn’t he? He had his beloved Annie draped over his lap, her soft bottom bared and positioned for spanking. He grinned as he squeezed a slightly pink cheek and Annie let out a soft moan of pleasure in response.

Annie for her part was happy to be in that familiar position over Paul’s lap. He’d been her boyfriend for several months and Annie’s spankings were a regular occurrence that they both enjoyed. Spankings for pleasure were her favorite kind and she was pretty sure that’s what this spanking was so she relaxed and waited for Paul to continue.

“Have you been naughty or nice this year, my sweet?” Paul asked as his hand roamed over her bottom.

“As nice as can be” Annie cooed, sure she was about to be rewarded.

“Mmm-hmmm,” Paul responded. “Are you sure?”

For the first time since Paul had grabbed her as she was getting ready for work, she began to wonder if this was going to be as much fun as she’d thought. It was early, she’d just had her shower and barely had time to put on her panties before he’d come into the bedroom, took her by the hand, and led her to his solid armless chair where many of her spankings took place.

To add to the mystery, he hadn’t said a word while sitting down, guiding her over his lap, removing her silky panties, and proceeding to give her what she thought had been a few nice warm up spanks.

“Well, I’ve tried to be nice,” Annie replied thoughtfully. “Doesn’t that count?”

Paul chuckled as he got a better grip on her waist with his left hand and returned to spanking Annie’s bottom. The spanks he delivered were sharp and crisp, making Annie gasp and moan as she ground her hips against his thigh.

“Ohhh…ahhhh!” she moaned softly as Paul stepped up his pace, spanking her bottom harder and faster.

Then as her toes began drumming the floor and her wiggling increased he knew she was really starting to feel to the burn so he paused to rub her warm, yet only slightly red bottom. It took a lot of spanking to bring a blush to Annie’s cheeks but Paul was determined to see her bottom glow bright red this morning.

“You may have tried to be nice, but I can still see how tight your shoulders are because of the tension you’re feeling,” Paul said rather sternly. “I warned you not to let the stress of the holidays get to you. Remember how we talked about what you could do to avoid that problem?”

“Yes, and I’ve done my best but there always seems to be something new cropping up,” Annie replied in a pleading tone. “I can’t help getting stressed!”

“Want to tell me exactly what has cropped up to add to your holiday to-do list?”

“To start with, I’ve racked my brain but I still can’t come up with any ideas for presents for your parents, your sisters, or your brother!” she answered stridently. “And then there’s that stupid office party this afternoon that I’m dreading. I made a fool of myself last year after one too many spiked egg nogs.”

“I don’t want to go but I have to,” Annie added with a little pout.

“Okay, I’ll deal with these little issues one at a time,” Paul told her soothingly.

Lifting his hand from her bottom, he reached over, opened the small drawer of the end table nearby, and removed a large, wood hairbrush from inside. He smiled as he tapped the smooth side of the brush against Annie’s bottom.

“For starters, let’s talk about my family,” Paul said as he gave each of her cheeks a quick spank with the brush.

“Ouch!” Annie squeaked. “What is that?”

“That’s the hairbrush, dear” he replied calmly. “Now don’t worry about my sisters or brother. They’re taken care of. Understand?”

“But, honey…” Annie started to argue until Paul began delivering a fast series of solid spanks across her bottom with the brush.

“Owwww! Okay, okay, ahhhhh!” Annie reconsidered her argument as she was reminded how much a hairbrush spanking could sting.

Paul gave her a few more spanks for emphasis then stopped and rubbed her bottom with the smooth side of the brush.

“Good girl! Now let’s talk about my parents.” Paul went on casually, as if it were any other conversation and he wasn’t in the middle of spanking his naked girlfriend. “I think movie coupons from the mall theater would be a big hit with them. They love spending an afternoon at the movies.”

“I don’t know…” Annie began, doubt obvious in her voice, before the loud crack of the brush landing on her bottom cut her answer short.

“Ow!” she yelled as the burning in her bottom became much more important than whatever point she was about to make.

Having stopped her objection, Paul lifted the brush again, landed two spanks on one cheek, and then two on the other. As was his preference, he made sure the two spanks landed on the same spot of the spanked cheek each time. Paul smiled as Annie gasped. She claimed to hate that treatment but since it always got her attention he used it as needed.

“Want to keep arguing with me, dearest?” he asked, grinning as he lifted the brush again.

“No, no, honey, I promise I don’t!” Annie assured him, the words coming out in a rush. “Ohhh! Whatever you say just please stop spanking me with that horrible brush!”

“Now why would I do that when we’re just getting to the good stuff?” Paul laughed as he turned the brush over and raked the bristles lightly across her twitching bottom.

“Ooooh!” she gasped, hoping “the good stuff” was going to be good for her bottom.

Instead Paul went on to the subject she least wanted to discuss while in her position; last year’s office party.

“Is there any chance you’re going to repeat last year’s performance today at this party?” he queried, still stroking her bottom with the brush bristles.

“Of course, not!” Annie exclaimed. “Every time I think of last year…I can’t even think about it without being mortified!”

“You know, I’m not sure you’ve ever given me the details about that party,” Paul said wistfully. “You’ve said what you did was unspeakable but I’d really like to know what it was that was so awful. It couldn’t have been too bad; you’re still employed there, after all.”

“It was awful! Beyond awful! I got drunk, flirted with everyone, and I do mean everyone!” she paused before taking a deep breath. “Then I…well…I sort of…I uhhhh…I can’t tell you this!”

“Tell me!” he demanded. “If you know what’s good for your bottom, that is.”

With that he began spanking her again using his favorite technique. Two spanks in one spot here, two spanks in another spot there. One spank with that heavy brush was enough to make a poor bottom burn but two repeated like that in the same spot was almost unbearable. The burning sensation across her bottom was increasing with each spank and Annie began wiggling in a vain attempt to avoid the repetitive spanks.

“You know you can’t avoid this so stop that wiggling,” Paul scolded as he got a firmer grip on her. “You think what you did was so awful? Then maybe a good hairbrushing is just what you need. Not just for your past behavior but as a reminder to behave yourself today at this party!”

“Aaaaah!” Annie cried out helplessly. “No! Please! Owwww! Noooo!”

“Oh, yes!” Paul assured her. “You’re getting this spanking and it’s one you’re obviously in need of.”

“Please!” She squealed, frantically pushing at his legs with her hands in an attempt to escape. “Stop!”

“No,’ he replied calmly.

“Okay, okay, okay!” she practically screamed. “I’ll tell you! Just stop! Stop!”

“No, too late,” Paul told her as he continued spanking her. “I’ll stop when I’m ready.”

“But honey!” Annie pleaded. “Owwww! I’ll tell you!”

“You were going to tell me anyway so I might as well keep spanking,” he informed her assuredly. “And I suggest you get a better attitude right now unless you really have no intention of sitting until next year.”

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she gasped.

“Really? I wonder what brought that about,” he drawled as he slowed the spanking but didn’t stop completely. “Now spill. What did you do?”

“You’re…oww…going to…ahhh…think I’m…owwwww…awful,” Annie replied, trying to put off the inevitable.

“No, I won’t,” Paul assured her, keeping up his slow spanking rhythm. “I know you better than that and I love you.”

Annie sighed loudly before going limp over his lap.

“Well?” he demanded as he stopped the spanking and listened intently.

“I…I…sort of…ummm…went into the copy room…” She paused, then taking a deep breath she said in a rush, “pulled up my skirt, copied my butt about twenty times, then handed out the copies after writing ‘Here’s to a Spanking New Year’ on them.”

There was a moment of silence as this revelation sunk in.

“You? That was YOU?” he asked incredulously. “Oh…my…sweet….”

At that point he couldn’t go on as he was choking with laughter.

“It wasn’t funny!” Annie insisted, too focused on her own embarrassment to realize what he’d just asked. “I embarrassed myself in front of everyone. And it didn’t end there. I heard copies got passed around the whole building so who knows who saw it!”

“Ohhh, wheeeew!” he gasped breathlessly. “My poor, dear Annie. Haaaaahaaaa”

“It’s not funny!” she insisted as Paul continued his hearty laughter.

She couldn’t believe he was laughing. The most embarrassing moment of her life and he was laughing! If she could have flounced off she would have but he still had a good grip on her…and that stupid hairbrush in his hand. She sighed dramatically and waited for him to stop laughing.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” he gasped finally. “But I can’t help it. Oh, man, was I right!”

“Right about what?” she demanded, trying to twist around to see his face.

“That the woman who did that was the woman for me!” Paul replied, landing two good hard swats with the brush to Annie’s now bright red bottom.

“Ow!” Annie squeaked as she tried to make sense of this new development. “You mean…Oh no! You saw that? Seriously?”

“Come on now, up with you,” and with that, Paul helped Annie stand up, and taking her by the hand he led her over to his dresser.

Intrigued Annie let him drag her along but she also took the opportunity to clutch and rub her well spanked bottom.

“Stupid hairbrush,” she mumbled, then was thankful Paul was too preoccupied to hear her.

“Let’s see, I think I put it here,” he mumbled as he dropped her hand to rifle through the top drawer. “Oh yes, here it is!”

Annie was so occupied rubbing her bottom with both hands that it took a moment for her to realize what Paul had in his hands. As he unfolded the piece of paper he pulled out of the drawer it began to dawn on her what it was.

“Are you kidding me?” she demanded.

As Paul turned the paper so she could see it, she knew the only thing that could be brushing brighter than her bottom cheeks were the ones on her face.

“Nooooo,” she groaned, shaking her head as she recognized the photocopied image of her pantied bottom and her drunken scrawl across the page.

“Here’s to a Spanking New Year!” Paul crowed, pulling Annie into his arms.

Annie was so shocked by his behavior that she didn’t know what to say or do.

“That’s my gal!” he continued. “I though it the moment I saw this but I never, ever imagined this was you!”

“Of course, once I met you I forgot all about my photocopy fantasy woman,” he went on, not noticing Annie’s shocked silence. “I didn’t think I needed the fantasy once I had you. Why fantasize when you have the real deal under your hand?”

“Annie, are you okay?” he asked finally noticing her look of shock and looking at her with some concern.

“You don’t mind?” she asked slowly. “You don’t think I’m terrible? Everyone has seen my butt! And the spanking thing, too!”

“My sweet, sensitive, Annie,” Paul replied softly, “I’m glad it’s you. It had to be you, don’t you see?”

As Annie shook her head in confusion, Paul went on.

“If you hadn’t done that and driven me wild with that image I wouldn’t have been inspired enough to get out of my cave and go to that crazy New Year’s Eve Party of Todd’s where I met your pal, Jenny, and if I hadn’t met Jenny then she couldn’t have introduced us. See? Your drunken prank led me to you!”

As Paul pulled a shocked and amazed Annie into his arms again, he nuzzled her neck while he fondled her throbbing bottom.

Then he whispered into her ear, “By the way, dear, your bottom is a very festive holiday red and warm enough to keep you toasty all day long. Just as promised.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Annie cooed as she realized her good fortune and relaxed into his arms. He didn’t care! In fact, she thought smugly, she was his fantasy. Just then Paul reached down to grab a throbbing cheek in each hand for a hearty squeeze. Annie moaned and pushed her naked body firmly against his body.

“Here’s another promise for you,” his voice husky with desire now, his hands roaming over her body. “If you think this holiday spanking was good, just wait. I’m going to give you that Spanking New Year you’ve been waiting all year for.”

“Just do me one favor,” Paul requested as he pulled back a little so he could look into her eyes.

“Yes, dear, whatever you want,” Annie replied airily. The thought of that long awaited New Year spanking had taken over and she was feeling a little heady.

“No egg nog and no trips to the copy room! Understood?”

“Are you sure?” Annie asked with a twinkle in her eye. “We have a color copier now and with my bright red bottom…”

“Wow,” Paul marveled pulling her toward the bed. “You must really enjoy that hairbrush. Ready for another round already, my sweet?”

Before she could react he gave her a hard swat with his hand and tumbled her into his bed.

Happy Holidays to all and may all your spanking dreams come true!

~~The End~~



Ha! Now I have an excuse to be lazy!

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After months of trying to figure out what’s been going on with my body I finally have an answer; my gallbladder is jacked up. I’ll spare you the details, mainly because it wasn’t all that interesting to anyone else but me. The long and short of it is that my gallbladder was malfunctioning and until I had one really nasty episode no one could figure out what was wrong. Now we know and my gallbladder and I will be parting company very soon. Not as soon as I would have liked since the silly thing has become quite tiresome to deal with, but so soon that I will be absent from the web for a few days as I prepare (stupid laundry won’t do itself) and then recuperate. Won’t be long though since it’s an easy laparoscopic surgery.

I’m telling ya’ll this now just in case someone needs me and can’t figure out why I’m not answering my emails for the next few days. I’m busy…and then I’ll be busy lounging around the house (and letting the stupid laundry pile up to the ceiling) and playing mindless computer games. Yay.

Okay, off to make Jello and finish my preparations…stupid laundry.

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