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Ha! Now I have an excuse to be lazy!


After months of trying to figure out what’s been going on with my body I finally have an answer; my gallbladder is jacked up. I’ll spare you the details, mainly because it wasn’t all that interesting to anyone else but me. The long and short of it is that my gallbladder was malfunctioning and until I had one really nasty episode no one could figure out what was wrong. Now we know and my gallbladder and I will be parting company very soon. Not as soon as I would have liked since the silly thing has become quite tiresome to deal with, but so soon that I will be absent from the web for a few days as I prepare (stupid laundry won’t do itself) and then recuperate. Won’t be long though since it’s an easy laparoscopic surgery.

I’m telling ya’ll this now just in case someone needs me and can’t figure out why I’m not answering my emails for the next few days. I’m busy…and then I’ll be busy lounging around the house (and letting the stupid laundry pile up to the ceiling) and playing mindless computer games. Yay.

Okay, off to make Jello and finish my preparations…stupid laundry.

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