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Spanking Fantasy vs Spanking Reality

I was asked recently if my spanking fantasies were anything like my real life spankings. Once I thought about it, I realized my fantasies were pretty basic. I may be one of the more boring spankos around when it comes to my fantasy life. I’m not one to get fancy or have a lot of dialogue/phrases that are important to me. I do like a little costume play or dressing up for the occasion, if that counts. But then, I’m a woman and we do like our clothes and accessories. I guess the truth is I just like to get spanked and my needs are pretty basic.

For example, here’s a real basic fantasy I’ve had for as long as I can remember. A strong man grabs me, pushes me over his knee, bares my bottom, and begins spanking me hard and fast, usually with a hairbrush or small paddle. He’s strong so as he holds me down I know I can’t escape, all I can do is kick and squeal in protest. Occasionally he stops to say something (what he says doesn’t matter to me in the fantasy) or rub my bottom. Then he goes back to spanking me and I go back to kicking and squealing. I know the spanking hurts but I can’t do anything to stop it, and deep down I know I don’t want to. He’s in control and he decides everything about this spanking. That’s what we both want.

Now, for real life. Last week we were enjoying a movie night and it evolved into a spanking night. Dan tossed me over his knee, flipped up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and grabbed his ever handy paddle hairbrush. I hate that thing but he loves it and keeps it close to his recliner for just this type of occasion. Once he had me just where he wanted me, he began spanking me with that awful hairbrush. It was a hard, fast spanking so I quickly began wiggling and complaining. That just made Dan grip me better and soon all I could do was kick and squeal. At one point he stopped to check his progress and I whined that it hurt. He laughed a little and told me it was supposed to hurt; it was a spanking! Then he went right back to spanking me as if to prove his point.

I don’t know how long he spanked me, I only know that my bottom felt as though it was on fire. He was in control of the spanking, not me, and much as it hurt, I knew it’s what I wanted. I know that helpless feeling isn’t completely real, but it’s real enough. It’s what I want. I want him in control, not me. When I’m over his knee, being thoroughly spanked, that’s when the fantasy and reality collide. My desires led me to choose this life and this man; this is what I want.

When we made love it was wonderful. I had the best orgasm and felt completely content. That night when I went to sleep my bottom was sore and I was happy. When I woke in the morning and rolled over onto my tender bottom, I smiled because I love that feeling. My bottom was tender for a few days after that spanking and that’s exactly the way I like it. I just love being a spanked woman. I love being Dan’s spanked woman, I should say. Because that to me is what really matters. I don’t think too much about fantasy, my reality with Dan is more than I could ever have dreamed up.

I was thinking all of this over when I realized that it’s been ten years since we found each other online. Ten years of being happy spankos in love. I’m a lucky gal!

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